”Saigon Still Stories” by Philip Van

”Saigon Still Stories” by Philip Van

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Sat 05 Sep 2020, 09 am – 05 pm
Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery
199bis Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, D2, Ho Chi Minh City

From the organizer:

Beginning in the early 90s as a young Belgian photographer, Phillip Van travelled Paris, Berlin, and New York, shooting classic analogue B/W photographs, which he developed himself in the darkroom. Alongside being a photographer, Phillip’s background in English Drama also makes him a writer and for a brief period of time, he set the camera aside to pen several scripts and novels. Ultimately, his passion for both photography and writing intertwined and the idea sparked in his mind:
What if these shots were freezes from a movie? The photographer/writer/scriptwriter in Philip Van writes the lines.

The “Still Story” series is the play out of Phillip’s scripts – ‘subtitled film freezes’ – where the writer and the photographer finds one another.

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