Martial Art Retreat

Martial Art Retreat

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Sun 01 Nov 2020, 08 am – 08 pm
Alley 404, Phố Bắc Cầu, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Thông tin từ ban tổ chức:

Our mission is to bring peace, joy and higher consciousness to a frazzled world with the ancient wisdom and classic technique coming from any Martial Arts.

The Martial Art Retreat will be organized 2 times a month with the objectives to connect each individual’s willpower with the highest energy from our Mother Nature.

Martial Arts were developed initially by Farmers to protect and save lands.

Their inner energy were based on a deep strength of Resilience, Sustainability mindset and Patience which is the attitude you show while the events you want to see didn’t happen yet.

Our movement would like to bring this central topic in the heart of any fighter pursuant.

Much more important than the fight, it is the goal. This will determine the path, the plan.

What we have seen along the time is the world became more and more menacing with the pollution, with the climate change, with all kinds of exterior pressures. Hazardous.

The reality is that if you have to become stronger, more active, more healthy, this can’t really happen without the great support of our Mother Nature.

This is why the Martial Art Retreat is the unique occasion to reconnect with some farming techniques (planting, recognizing, using medical plants), while training barefoot on the soil to energize bodies and minds with a community workshop experience: Play, Invent, Train, Rest.

This movement is also a global call to all fighters in the world; it is time to fight for our environment, our earth!

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