Solo exhibition: “Theo đuổi những phiền toái”

Solo exhibition: “Theo đuổi những phiền toái”

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10 – 26 Dec 2021, 08 am – 05 pm
Rei Artspace
371/4 Hai Bà Trưng, Ward 8, District 3, HCMC
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From the organizer:

Everyone once in their life wants to paint a picture by themselves and I am one of them, but I have never had the ambition to become an artist. If poetry and writing, for me, are things that “discover the inner self”, then painting – visual language and color are things that “relieve”. Although my original purpose to write poem and paint is to relieve my personal feelings, I do not want to use them as something superficial. Therefore, art turns into an endlessly artistic pursuit of some unknown point.

ng. anhanh‘s real name is Nguyen Thanh Anh, she is a freelance poet and painter living in Saigon. ng. anhanh has been composing poetry for more than 15 years under the pseudonyms Tieu Anh, Anh Anh… In 2019, she published a collection of poems titled Đã là một phiền toái(2019).

During the time of isolation due to the pandemic, the breath of poetry suddenly flowed through her brush strokes, she found her overflowing emotions through painting. From there, the paintings “Theo đuổi những phiền toái” were born. Painting is the catalyst that clearly reveals the truth of things that are considered nuisances in life. Coming to the exhibition, we will have a better understanding of the complex tangles of the human mind when projecting ourselves into life. She chose painting as a form of inner communication, which not only helps to relieve but also exposes her inner troubles to the outside.

Ticket: 50.000VND (buy directly at the event or book in advance according to the instructions in registration link)

To ensure safety against the Covid-19 epidemic, please present Covid vaccine certificate, check-in medical declaration, wear a mask and practice safe distance when visiting exhibition hall. Thank you very much

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