Solo Art Showcase: “Gate Gate”

Solo Art Showcase: “Gate Gate”

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Opening: Sat 19 Nov 2022, 05 pm
Showcase: 19 – 26 Nov 2022
Indochine House Art Gallery
32A Nhà Chung, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

“When it comes, we know it is coming
When it goes, we know it is going
Don’t rewind the past, don’t fantasize the future
Only this moment is present.”

Bringing viewers back to reality, “Gate Gate” introduces more than 40 silk paintings, which are the contemplations and speculations of painter Doan Van Toi about the holiness of human being and the relationship between man and nature in the quietest state. Observing the image of people taking a bath, when they take off their clothes and burdens to immerse themselves in the flowing Red River, he realizes that each entity inherently has a whole inner holiness. From the images of these individuals, from the arrangement of silk on the floral fabric, from the balanced composition of the circus group, the artist’s practice is a new approach for him to express the dialogue of perception: see things as they are, look no further when all is in its inherent nature.

Indochine House Art Gallery is pleased to invite the art-loving public to “Gate Gate” exhibition week, from November 19, 2022. The art exhibition will feature an interaction between paintings and artist Ha Thuy Hang’s experimental music.

About artist:

Painter Doan Van Toi was born in 1989 in Hai Phong, graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2017, currently living and working in Hanoi. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Vietnam and abroad from the first years of his career until now and is marked by his unique style of practicing silk art. The artist’s paintings reflect the relationship between him and the surrounding life, mainly looking deeply into the nature of things. For him, material is a means for the artist to optimize the transmission of emotions in the process of building artwork.

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