Exhibition “Transfiguration”

Exhibition “Transfiguration”

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06 – 20 Dec 2023
The Muse Artspace
47 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Vu Hiep undertook a long and strenuous path when concurrently researching fine art and the artistic application of architecture, resulting in his eccentric art form. One that was molded from Vietnamese spiritual values, architecture, ancient sculpture, and peculiar artistry with a surreal touch from the traditional painting material, silk.

Only a few contemporary painters pursue a path with such a distinct and coherent mindset. A prominent attribute in Vu Hiep’s paintings is the integration of traditional folklore, with its vague yet witty humor, and sometimes exaggeration (or “sass” – stated by the artist when talking about Vietnamese artistic identity).

His paintings emphasize detail, scaling, and metaphor, which are influenced by Eastern manners. It can be said that the architectural nature has more or less constructed the essence of Vu Hiep’s paintings.

The artist’s works often ensue the inductional fashion and inquiry to culminate the artistic quirkiness of the Vietnamese people. The rationality, and rigor in research and execution are essential for one to go beyond the rut, and reach the end of his path. In practice, shapes and forms will undoubtedly take the leading role. Fine art can be an inverse direction to expand the connotations of words and thoughts.

Above all, the wonder in Vu Hiep’s art lies in its usage of misty, enigmatic traits to convey seemingly coherent subjects. Evident by the allure that exudes from the amalgamation between intimacy and oddity. Viewers can sense the love for the region, Vietnamese culture, inner thoughts, dreams, myths, beliefs, and the transfigured symbols and visuals.

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