Lost & Found

Lost & Found

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10:30 am – 07:30 pm, 26 Nov – 02 Dec 2023
Chau & Co Gallery
No. 11 alley 123 Nguyễn Đình Thi, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Perhaps no one has ever lived without thinking about the occult world. The coexistence between the physical world and the spiritual world has been subject to much research and debates over the years, but each one of us surely has our own answer.

Inner strength has carried Hà Châu Bảo Nhi through traumatic early life experiences (with life & death) as well as recent devastating personal loss and yet, the aftermath of inflicted emotional pain still remains. Rather than sinking deeper into the darkness, she turned to the healing power of art to save herself. Through this artwork series, she aims to document her personal observations about the spiritual world, death and rebirth, loss and gain, hope and pain, all intertwined in the dual nature of life as we know it.

Fragments of darkness and lights, sorrows and joys, ups and downs of life, dancing between reality and memories, between the tangible and intangible worlds, are translated into the works of various mediums as Nhi considers herself a multimedia visual artists. This includes graphite drawings and sketches, print collages, video art, calico soft sculptures and 3D items made from cloths sealed in wooden frames, utilizing only black and white to accentuate the stark duality of life.

Let’s come explore her take on spirituality in this special multimedia art exhibition!

About Hà Châu Bảo Nhi

Graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Master of Fine Art (August 2023), Hà Châu Bảo Nhi focuses her artistic practice on exploring Vietnamese spirituality and culture. Through her works, Nhi hopes to change people’s perceptions of suffering and tragedy, prompting questions about identity and spirituality to convey empathy for the horror of the past. Her work has been acquired by Singapore’s leading art curator and collector Lourdes Samson earlier this year.

Selected Exhibitions:
– “Mind & Machine” Exhibition, Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2023.
– “FRIENDSHIP: Singapore & Vietnam 50-10” Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.
Solo Showcase at Mơ Đơ, (artists-run) Art Space, Hue, Vietnam.

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