Italian Film Festival 2023 Schedule

Italian Film Festival 2023 Schedule

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07:30 pm, 27 Nov – 02 Dec 2023
Cinema 4
2nd floor, National Cinema Centre
87 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
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From the organizer:

Italian Film Festival 2023 by the Embassy of Italy in Hanoi organises in coordination with the Asian Film Festival in Rome, aiming to offer Vietnamese audiences a glimpse into Italy’s contemporary cinema. Through six outstanding films spanning from drama to comedy, of which many have won accolades at prestigious festivals, Italian Film Festival 2023 will tell the tales of urban life, depicting the Italian modern society in the face of new challenges while also trying to connect with and maintain its age-old traditional heritage.

About the movies:

Il Colibri’ | Chim ruồi | The Humming bird (T13)
“Il Colibri’ – The Hummingbird” is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Sandro Veronesi, which won the Strega Prize in 2020 and has been translated into 25 languages.
The story spans sixty years through the life of a man from his birth to his demise, where joys, sorrows and anxieties of a middle-class family intertwine with the growth of an absolute and extraordinary love across three generations.
“Il Colibri’ – The Hummingbird” was selected as the opening film for the 17th Rome Film Fest and appeared in the 22nd Toronto International Film Festival.

Diabolik (T13)
Legendary thief Diabolik plans his next heist: stealing a valuable diamond from heiress Eva Kant, who is dating the deputy minister of justice, Giorgio Caron. Using one of his trademark masks to impersonate his nemesis, Inspector Ginko, Diabolik tricks Eva into revealing which hotel she will be staying at. He makes another mask to pose as one of the wait staff assigned to her room, and quickly locates the hidden safe where the diamond is kept. However, upon seeing Eva, he becomes infatuated with her.
With a signature musical and comedy style, “Diabolik” is an Italian crime action film written and directed by the Manetti brothers based on the famous comic book series of the same name. The film was premiered at the 2021 Noir in Festival, released in Canada in 2022 and distributed in the USin 2023.

Settembre | Tháng Chín (T16)
“Settembre – September” consists of three everyday stories of people whether at the age of 15, 40 or 60. A shy teenager with a blossoming romance, a mother disconnected from her family, and a doctor struggling after the divorce from his ex-wife.
All begin one day in September, when they suddenly realise that the life they find themselves in is not the life they had dreamed of; that happiness is a distant idea, but perhaps still possible. Three seemingly parallel lives intersect on their journey to seek happiness.
That September, they find their own new beginnings.
“Settembre – September” is the excellent directorial debut of actress/screenwriter Giulia Louise Steigerwalt, who won the Special Award for Best Screenplay for “The Champion” and “An Almost Ordinary Summer” from the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers.

Diabolik – Ginko Tấn công | Diabolik – Ginko Attacks (T13)
“Diabolik – Ginko Attacks” tells the story of how Diabolik conduct a daring theft to steal first the Crown of Armen from a guarded vault and then the Armen Jewels during a performance of the Emerald Ballet. However, this is a trap set by Inspector Gingko and the jewels have been coated with radioactive materials that allow the police to track them. As Gingko and his men dynamite their way into Diaboik’s mountain hideout, Diabolik and Eva Kant flee, hotly pursued. However, Eva twists her ankle and Diabolik abandons her to make a getaway. Eva then approaches Ginko, hurt over her abandonment, and offering to collaborate with Ginko to show him how to capture Diabolik.
The first instalment of the series, “Diabolik” (2021) was among the top contenders for prestigious Italian film awards, including the David di Donatello with 11 nominations. The movie continued the musical style of the Manetti brothers, with Giacomo Gianniotti (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “ Marvel’s Avengers”) as the seductive master thief Diabolik and Monica Bellucci as Eva.
This is the second instalment of the film adaptation of the classic comic book series “Diabolik” created by Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962. These comic books were previously adapted into a film in 1968 by Mario Bava, a master of the Italian horror genre.

Il ritorno di Casanova | Sự trở lại của Casanova | The Return of Casanova (T18)
An acclaimed director approaching his twilight years both physically and mentally, Leo Bernadi cannot accept his slow decline. Therefore he tries to finish shooting his latest movie about Giacomo Casanova. Pressured by the expectations of the producers, the persuasion of an editor aspiring to act and the competition between him and a young filmmaker, who threatens to take his place at the Venice Film Festival, how will Leo Bernadi’s journey unfold?
The adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s novel “Il ritorno di Casanova” is one of the surreal features that set apart “The Return of Casanova”, the 20th motion picture of Gabriele Salvatores who won an Oscar (for Mediterraneo in 1991) and received 25 awards out of over 30 nominations at prestigious film festivals.
The film is created as a game of reflection between the director and the protagonist of his work, telling the story of past glory days and lost youth at the age of over 60.
The film was premiered at the 14th Bari International Film & TV Festival.

Note about the age restrictions of each film:
T13: Not suitable for audiences under 13 years old.
T16: Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old.
T18: Not suitable for audiences under 18 years old.

There will be Q&A sessions following each film screening with director Antonio Termenini of the Asian Film Festival in Rome and the audience. The festival will include a talk with director Antonio Termenini and prestigious guest speakers from Vietnam at 02:30 pm on November 30 under the subject “International film festival – Organising process and behind the scenes stories.” Journalist Truong Uyen Ly will moderate the discussion.

Audiences attending these events also have the chance to receive meaningful souvenirs from the Italian embassy in Vietnam when participating in the mini-game on the fanpage of the film festival.

Follow updates on Facebook fanpage of the festival.


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