”At the Roots, the Mirage is Clear”

”At the Roots, the Mirage is Clear”

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10 am – 07 pm, Tues – Sun 10 Dec 2023 – 04 Feb 2024
Gate Gate Gallery
55 Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
Registration link (20 people per visit)

From the organizer:

Wandering through a forest or amidst a sprawling landscape, we see how nature is crafting space for symbiosis. The term “roots” assumes diverse forms: the arboreal roots of trees, the origins of problems, the tendrils of hair, or the underpinnings of one’s being. Each manifestation gestures towards a depth, submerged and concealed, typically eluding immediate perception. Yet, paradoxically, these concealed facets serve as the genesis, the unfurling, the descent, and the culmination of all things. So why do we call them roots? How can our roots be discerned, discovered, or sensed? Where are we when we realised we are at the roots?

Gate Gate proudly represents “At the roots, the mirage is clear | Dưới gốc, mờ ảo hiện” – A thoughtful dialogue between artists Nguyen TraMi and Vũ Trung as they embark their journey to find their nature and origins. While the works of Trà Mi Nguyễn and Vũ Đức Trung hold distinct and distinguished positions, they also somehow engage in dialogues between the traditions of their respective crafts. These dialogues offer viewers an alternative context, encouraging them to observe and perceive not only as folk art but also to extend their reflections to contemporary society. In this dynamic exchange, art becomes a bridge that connects past and present, inviting us to contemplate the evolving culture and society. Deeper still, they connect us as we contemplate the roots, for it is in returning to the roots that the mirage becomes apparent.

Exhibition curated by Nam Nguyen.

– To ensure quietness and appropriate space for the exhibition, each session is limited to a maximum of 20 guests, so guests may need to wait for their turn.
– Visitors are kindly requested to read carefully and follow the exhibition’s visiting regulations.
– Visitors by default agree to allow Gate Gate Gallery to use all images/materials of the event for the purposes of archiving, writing articles, research, education, and media promotion.

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