Exhibition “To each their own sky”

Exhibition “To each their own sky”

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09 am – 08 pm, Tues – Sun 16 Dec 2023 – 28 Jan 2024
Mơ Art Space
Floor B3, 136 Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.

From the organizer:

This December, it brings us great joy to announce the solo exhibition “To each their own sky” by artist Nguyen Hoa at Mo Art Space for all art enthusiasts to explore and appreciate.

“Inspired by the poignant verses of Han Mac Tu’s evocative poem, ‘The wind follows the wind, the clouds follow the clouds,’ Nguyen Hoa unveiled his inaugural solo exhibition, a momentous occasion marking his public debut beyond the confines of the familiar art circles.

Trained in Sculpture, Nguyen Hoa embraced painting as an additional medium for expressing his artistic spirit—a medium that serves as both a reflection upon and resistance to time. Each of his compositions, meticulously crafted and deliberately scarce, forms part of a series of reflections, sometimes comprising no more than three pieces. Living in symbiosis with his creations, he returns to them over time, perfecting them through a slow, deliberate dance. The unhurried and painstaking nature of his creative process becomes a self-portrait and a reflective performance, delving into the innermost recesses of his emotions and depths. The lacquer medium he chose aligns seamlessly with the unhurried painting and contemplation inherent in his practice. Throughout the series, ancient architectural details act as a frame—a metaphor laden with poignancy and conflict, unraveling scenes, rituals, routines, and rules not only of history and heritage but also of the very fabric of existence that any artist residing and working in the ancient capital of Hue inevitably carries along.” – excerpt from curatorial text by Do Tuong Linh.

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