FILE: Pitch

FILE: Pitch

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Opening: 10 am, Sun 03 Mar 2024
Showcase: 03 – 10 Mar 2024
Floor 2, MAI Gallery
113 Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Vietnamese Lacquer Fine-art has been developing for nearly a century since 1932. From the “static” thousand-year-old decor tradition, our Lacquer has been unbound – released into the “dynamic” freedom of expression. Vietnam has revolutionized the use of Lacquer so successfully that the world was left in awe and all doubts about our ability to convey artistic ideas through Lacquer were dismissed. When seemingly every door has been opened and validation is no longer needed, what else will motivate the youth to be innovative?

As a response to this question, Dragon Sigma decided to present FILE – an annual celebration event of Lacquer Fine-art. Since “filing” (or “sanding”) is more an act of creation than destruction in making Lacquer art, “FILE” emphasizes the ceaseless grind for improvement. The first episode of the FILE series is called Pitch, where a group of young people stand their own point of view and embrace their own tone of voice toward Lacquer as an art material, “Pitch” conveys our spirit and hope to keep moving forward and upward – To infinity and beyond.

So to speak clearly, FILE: Pitch is not the answer but a space, both concrete and virtual, built to look for one, with a hopeful attitude towards the future. Visitors of FILE: Pitch are welcome to get up close and personal in many ways: observe Lacquer artworks made by non-professionals, listen to our introduction of materials and techniques, and feel them with your own hands. All feedback collected is signs and premises for further discussions and creations.

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