After 11 Summers

After 11 Summers

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10 am – 05 pm, 08 – 27 June 2024
Vin Galllery
35/8 Nguyễn Văn Đậu, Bình Thạnh district, HCMC

From the organizer:

Hoa Ta Gallery would like to introduce the debut solo exhibition of author Nguyen Quang Bach titled ‘After 11 Summers’

The exhibition features a collection of works that unfold like a film reel, portraying intimate stories of family, separation, and the lingering emotions of those left behind.

‘After 11 Summers’ revolves around the memories of Bach’s grandmother, a central figure throughout his childhood, and the period following her passing. Through his vivid and bright photography, Bach transforms a seemingly somber theme into a tender and reflective narrative. In addition to new works, Bách has incorporated photographs taken by his grandfather of his grandmother from the family album, highlighting the enduring love of those who remain for those who have passed, creating a seamless connection between the past and the present. Prior to this exhibition, Bách published a photo book titled “One Summer with a Late Farewell,” which was well-received by the photography community and showcased at the ‘Imaging Rhizome’ exhibitions in both Vietnam and Japan.

In creating the works for ‘After 11 Summers’, Bách experimented with various photographic techniques to express his creative vision. Beyond traditional printing, he incorporated additional processes such as cutting, embroidery, and burning to add layers of texture and depth, vividly conveying his thoughts and emotions.

After earning his degree in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Bach Nguyen returned to Vietnam in 2019. His work draws inspiration from his homeland and heritage, often exploring themes of time, spirituality, and cultural practices. “Rituals, the afterlife, and grief are recurring themes in my work. However, I aim to look at these subjects with a sense of clarity and hope, rather than through an eerie and gloomy lens.”

The ‘After 11 Summers’ exhibition will span three weeks in June, featuring both the displayed works and artist talk sessions, offering deeper insights into photography as an art form and Bach’s creative process. The event is co-organized by Hoa Ta Gallery and Vin Gallery. Hoa Ta Gallery is known for representing contemporary photo artists.

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