Convergence of Lights

Convergence of Lights

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30, 31 Oct & 01 Nov, 7.30 – 11.30 pm
Studio Anh Khanh

Together with 18 other artists, Dao Anh Khanh is hosting an experimental exhibition to celebrate Hanoi’s 1000th birthday.

At the center of the exhibition is Dao Anh Khanh’s studio, where space will be fully absorbed by light. Before getting there the audience will have to go through an art-filled 600 meters-long road. There will be arts in many different forms (including installation, sculpture, painting, video art and music), all of which take the element of light as their starting point, whether it is electronic light, lazer light or natural light.

This event is part of the Happy Denmark program.

Studio Anh Khánh
No. 7/462 Ngọc Thụy
Long Biên, Hà Nội


  1. Sorry Khan this time I can not be with you al, as I go to Bangkok for my yoga teacher training, hopefully you keep it open 2/3 more days, I come back on Nov 2
    Hope to see this when I come back

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