Book Festival Day

Book Festival Day

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Mon 06 Aug 2012
Tien Phong Primary School

From the organizer:

August 6th, 2012, Circle of Friends Youth Volunteer Organization (COF), with the supports of Thang Long March Fund (Quy Thang Ba Thang Long) and Media Partner Youth Box Channel, is setting out the first among the Book Festival Day series (BFD) at Tien Phong Primary School, Tien Phong commune, Ba Vi, Ha Noi. The first phase of this project will start from now to the end of 2013 at 16 primary and secondary schools in 08 poorest communes in Ba Vi, Hanoi.

With its slogan “Let books light up children’s dream”, this project aims to build self-managed libraries in classrooms for more than 8000 primary and secondary school students of the 08 poorest communes in Ba Vi, including: Tien Phong, Thai Hoa, Ba Trai, Ba Vi, Phu Son, Minh Chau, Khanh Thuong and Phu Dong.

On BFD 06/8/2012, besides taking part in different activities related to selecting and reading books, the students of Tien Phong Primary School will also have a chance to take part in various group games designed for different grades such as singing, coloring the New World, Castle of Knowledge, Rescue Bi from the maze, ect.

Through the first BFD in Aug 2012 in particular and the BFD series in general, COF hopes to bring about a vast range of books and magazines for the poor children with the message: There is a lot more to explore in the “books of dreams”. COFers wants to encourage the reading interest as well as the comprehensive development of the children.

The BFD series receives support from Thang Long March Fund (Quy Thang Ba Thang Long), the co-sponsors SympaMeals Project, Long Minh JSC Education and Culture, HANOITRANS (transportation). Our media partners include: Youth Box Channel, Lollybooks Book Café and Hanoi Grapevine.

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For more information, please contact:
Trần Trung Đức
Media and Public Relations BFD Aug 2012
DĐ: 0902 112 246
Email: [email protected]

Nguyễn Hải Linh
Coordinator BFD Aug 2012
DĐ: 01233 724 391
Email: [email protected]

Tien Phong Primary School
Tien Phong commune, Ba Vi, Ha Noi


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