Music concert by AUN J Classic Orchestra

Music concert by AUN J Classic Orchestra

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Thu 12 Dec 2013, 8 pm
Youth Theatre

From Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam:

In celebration of 40th Year of ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Cooperation as well as the Japan – Vietnam Friendship Year 2013, the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam proudly co-hosts a music concert by AUN J Classic Orchestra on Thursday 12 December in Hanoi.

AUN J Classic Orchestra is a unique orchestra formed in 2008 by eight excellent Japanese traditional musicians to deliver the simple but strong message to the audience worldwide, “Japanese traditional music instruments are plain, simple and cool!”

With this mission and their belief “music has not border, but roots”, AUN J Classic Orchestra has been actively performing in more than 70 places all over Japan, as well as in foreign countries including France, Italy, China, Papua New Guinea and Croatia, to convey the beauty of Japanese culture in music.

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The eight young Japanese musicians are all active at the forefront, earning awards in Japan and abroad, covering major Japanese traditional instruments such as Taiko (Japanese drums),
Shamisen (three-stringed Japanese lute), Koto (13-stringed Japanese zither), Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), Shinobue (Japanese transverse flute), and Narimono (Japanese percussions).

The core members of AUN J Classic Orchestra, Kohei & Ryohei are twin brothers and form a duo unit called “AUN” who was Japan’s former cultural envoy to South East Asia in 2011. Their performance with the Japanese percussionist Hide (also a member of AUN J Classic Orchestra) in Hanoi caused a sensation at the time.

Having experienced collaboration with AUN in 2011, Ngo Tra My & Nguyen Thanh Thuy, distinguished Vietnamese traditional musicians, will also join AUN J Classic Orchestra to add the beauty of Vietnamese culture in the program.

Free admission for ticket holders.

The free tickets will be distributed from 14:00 on Friday 29 November 2013 onward at the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam (27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi / TEL 04 3944 7419).

For more information, visit Japan Foundation’s website.

AUN J Classic Orchestra 2

Youth Theatre
11 Ngo Thi Nham Str, Hanoi

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