HCMC – Exhibition Winter Galleria

HCMC – Exhibition Winter Galleria

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exhibition Winter Galleria

Exhibition: 06 Nov 2014 – 05 Feb 2015
Sàn Art

From the organizer:

You are invited to exhibition of fantastic new work, never before seen in Saigon, by four established local artists: Phan Quang, Phunam, Lena Bui and Tran Minh Duc.

Phan Quang’s sculptural installation of light and bamboo, titled ‘Red Stone’, speaks of social balance and belief, questioning what kind of heart can be freely nurtured in today’s world. Phunam’s photographic ‘Patination’ takes inspiration from the urban streets of Saigon, where walls peel and crumble revealing a layered history of hidden agendas and secrets. Lena Bui’s drawings map the chaotic order of Saigon’s street traffic. Tran Minh Duc’s tourist postcard collages of ‘classic’ Vietnam carries his signature ‘pink’ crystal which refers to ‘ Pomacea Canaliculata’ or apple snail eggs that were officially imported into Vietnam in the 1980s, believing them desirable by the domestic consumer market – these snails were later listed as one of the most dangerous invasive species in Vietnam.

Sàn Art
3 Mê Linh
District Bình Thạnh, HCMC


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