MAP-Talk 4: “The Last Variations”

MAP-Talk 4: “The Last Variations”

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Sun 22 Oct 2017, 3 – 5 pm
Heritage Space Library

From Heritage Space:

Heritage Space introduces its next talk, MAP-Talk 4 “THE LAST VARIATIONS” with sharings from two Parisian artists Philippe Richard and Bernard Pourrière and two young Vietnamese artists from Nha San Collective Linh Cam and Sơn PT. The talk is going to be moderated by artist Tran Trong Vu. It is a part of the exchange activities in “Month of Arts Practice – MAP 2017” by Heritage Space.

Never will there be a last destination for something as people always say “the end is just a new beginning”. Therefore, this last talk of MAP 2017 doesn’t mean to put a stop to all the meetings and gatherings we’ve had during the project. At the talk, 4 artists will present their art practices which at first glance we might find nothing in common.

Son PT (Phung Tien Son) dropped out of Vietnam University of Fine Arts to walk on a new path which hadn’t even been formed yet at that time. He’s fond of last moments, putting himself in places where things come to their end:
A concert where no music is played,
A stage before it is taken down,
A cemetery isn’t made up of completed stories.
A funeral piece may stop, but its variations may last.
Only we may be oblivious to it.

Philippe Richard is a painter with passion in harmonies of color. So colorful is his soul that he couldn’t just end his story on two-dimensions canvas but move on to multi-dimensional space and for complex 3D pieces built up by a simple solid developing in multiple ways. He keeps moving back and forth between 3D and 2D worlds, and every time he wants to escape from one of the two; the shifting continues without completely ending anything.

Linh Cam (Cam Khanh Linh) is a young multimedia artist with a passion for unconsciousness and things hardly no one can comprehend without any particular reason. But isn’t unconsciousness the next chapter of consciousness? Doesn’t unconsciousness truly start only after consciousness fades? Or isn’t unconsciousness a stage for one to return after they depart from the very same place? The question of black and white between the beginning and ending: which comes first, which is the cause and which is the effect?

Bernard Pourrière is a multimedia artist who uses bodies as a means to see the world and to doubt it, to understand oneself and to not understand it. The body through its movements and background music has captured moments of silence. And of course, everything can repeat itself countless times; in a way, every ends in life turns out to be just a series of never ending sparks in infinity.


MAP-Talk is the core program of “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2017” project. The aim is to create a channel between international and Vietnamese artists, local art communities and the public through talks and discussions.

For further information about MAP 2017 project, please visit here

Language: English and Vietnamese with translation

Free admission

© The image banner is courtesy of Bernard Pourrière

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