Contest “What is the Color of Sound”

Contest “What is the Color of Sound”

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Contest “What is the color of sound”
Time: 22 Oct – 02 Dec 2018

From the organizer:

Opportunity to discover the world of the deaf through art for everyone.

“What is the color of sound?” is an artistic playground on the topic “Inequality of Deafness” hosted by “Listening eyes” organization and has been launched from October 22th 2018 to December 2nd 2018. This is a part of “Even it up” – an Oxfam campaign launched to work with social and government organizations to remove causes of inequality.

Besides attractive prizes, the contest is an opportunity for young people in Hanoi to explore the world of the deaf in the aspects of health, education, transportation, employment, family… It is also a chance for hearing-impaired people in Hanoi to meet and share experiences.

We believe that each of you will have a better understanding of the community and speak up for deafness. Most importantly, the Deaf and the Hearing will come closer together – it is also the message that “What is the color of sound” would like to convey.

– Time: 22/10/2018 to 02/12/2018
– The contest is held in the area of Hanoi.

Important milestones:
– Launch the contest and receive artworks: 22/10 to 2/12/2018
– Workshop: 4/11/2018 (Matching candidates and sharing details of contest)
– Deadline for submission: 2/12/2018
– Award and announcement: From December 5 to December 10, 1818
– Awards organization, Gala exhibition: 15/12/2018

Entries will be sent to the Organizing Committee by email: [email protected]

– Living in Hanoi
– Ages 18 – 30
– Encourage young people to love the arts and want to make social stories of their times artistic


The topics for “What is the color of the sound” include problems caused by inequality in the lives of the deaf in all areas of life, from Education, Health, Law, Transportation, Economy to Love, family, community.

The special feature of this competition is the team performance of two or more people including: Deaf / hearing impaired and hearing peers create works of art together.

We love the diversity of all forms of art such as film, MV, photography, drawing, dance, drama, singing sign language and other forms of artistic creation so you are free and comfortable to tell story into your work.

– Step 1: Register with the organizers via link
Your registration will be confirmed by the Organizing Committee from October 22 to November 4.
– Step 2: Attending the workshop required to team up and understand the content of the contest (4/11/2018)
– Step 3: Perform the work in groups. (4/11 – 2/12/2018)
– Step 4: Send the artwork and the journey of the contest on email [email protected] (before 3/12/2018)

– Creative, positive
– Feasible
– Inspiration to society

Contestants submit their entries to the Organizing Committee by 10:00 on December 2.

– The total prize pool is up to 20 million VND.
– Best Creative Award.
– The most inspirational.
– The most interesting tour.
– Best story.
– Potential prize and gifts from donors.

All inquiries and support can be contacted via:
– Facebook: Listening to Eyes (
– Mail: [email protected]
– Hotonlile: 0385723177


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