Concert “From Trinh Cong Son: New Sounds from the Wind”

Concert “From Trinh Cong Son: New Sounds from the Wind”

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Fri 30 Aug 2019, 8 pm
Concert Hall 19 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

From the organizers:

“To live is to live with others, and to have empathy we must always express ourselves. Among all methods of expression: spoken, written, and many others, I find my soul leaning towards melodies. In this humble land of art, I find my freedom and think that here I can express to others the joys and sorrows of life. ”(Phac thao chan dung toi – Trinh Cong Son)

The concert “From Trinh Cong Son: New Sounds from the Wind” is a narrative, also a response written in music, where the personal sorrows of Trinh Cong Son, or of human, are sung by young artists with a new breeze in method of expression.

A cello artist who simply loves and is interested in new harmonies, wants to find a way to make his guitar “sing” loud and clear instrumental songs. A pianist chose to reminisce, observe and experience deeply every moment of her life to “understand Trinh” more and bring his feelings to a more mature, deeper level. And a young musician chose to transcribe Trinh’s music as a way to learn to walk with all his confusion and concerns of life, the same way the late musician had tried to “forgive life” and learned to love despair. All these very personal stories will be told in music in “From Trinh Cong Son: New Sounds from the Wind”.

Music pieces inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s songs and transcribed for cello and piano will be performed alternately with classical works of Bach, Debussy or Kreisler … as a way for artists to talk about correlation between different flows of music, and at the same time indicate the intersection of them. It could be music, and maybe even bigger things.

“All that needs to be said, are things that are never said in words.” – Khanh Ly, singer

Whether it is because of the heart of the late talented musician who left us two decades ago, or the story of young artists who find themselves on a journey with Trinh, we hope you will come to listen to those “things that are never said in words”.


1. Hãy yêu nhau đi*
2. Debussy – La fille aux cheveux de lin
3. Ở trọ*
4. F. Kreisler – Liebesfreud
5. F. Kreisler – Liebesleid
6. Tuổi đá buồn*
7. Nguyễn Ngọc Tú – Song without words
8. A. Dvořák – Song my mother taught me
9. Lời mẹ ru*
10. J. S. Bach – Ave Maria
11. Để gió cuốn đi*
*Composed by Trinh Cong Son, transcribed by Nguyen Ngoc Tu

Seating map:
First class – 500.000 VND
Second class – 350.000 VND
Third class – 200.000 VND
Early bird: available until 10 Aug: 10% discount for all ticket classes
Group Booking: for group of 3 or more people: 10% discount on total bill
(Each ticket can only apply one discount method)

– E-TICKETS – BANK TRANSFER: Kindly register via then make the transaction with the description “Wonder-your name-your phone number” (eg. Wonder-Nguyen Van A-0123456789).
After successfully registered and transferred the ticket fee, you will receive the e-ticket from the organizing team via email within 48h.

Bank account information:
Account name: Uong Thuy Anh
Account number: 159518922
Bank: VPBank – Hoan Kiem branch

– PHYSICAL TICKETS – CASH PAYMENT: Kindly register via, then pay cash and receive your ticket during working hours (8.30 am – 5 pm) at Reception desk of Toong Co-working Space, 2nd floor, 25-T2 Building, Nguyen Thi Thap street, Hanoi. Bookings will be automatically cancelled if no one comes to claim the tickets after 48h.

For inquiry, please contact our hotline: 0389464820 (Ms. Thuy Anh)

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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