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01 Aug 2020, 06 pm – 08 pm
CAB Hoian
Bến Trễ, Cẩm Hà, Hội An
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From the organizer:

After a crazy premiere at Nổ Cái Bùm, Huế, X-PROJECT will be performed in Hoi An on 1st, August, 2020 following by various art activities welcoming audiences coming not only from Hoi An but also other time and space zones.

X-PROJECT is the first flower blooming out of MUARUA (aka DANCE LIKE DAT? DANCE LIKE DAT) – the name we use for MORUA ARTS RESIDENCY – an artist-in-residence program organized by MORUA ARTS PROJECT.

X-PROJECT was born after 6 months of experiments between choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong (residency period: Feb 2020 – July 2020) and 5 dancers of MORUA


Choreographer: Ngo Thanh Phuong
Assistant: Nguyen Cong Nguyen
Dancers: Nguyen Nguyen, Thuong Le, Hoang Anh, Khang Nguyen, Dac Phuc
Lighting and stage design: Nguyen Thuy Hang
Music: La Y San

Free entrance

For more information, please contact: CAB Hoian / Thảo Trần: 0936009245 (Zalo)
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What is body? Are we actually in existence? Do we actually accept all that reside within our body, including dreams, delicate sensations, our self-retrospection, and even our mutual communication? Are we actually aware of our existence?

Existentialism with its ideologies on humans has truly awakened suppressed emotions in the body of Mine, Yours, and Ours; we have reached this world, after “nine months of silently modling ourselves into question marks.” So then, in each moment, each breath, and each endless movement, we continue the quest for the ‘why’ behind this union.

With the dance piece X-PROJECT, all of our searching, in the end is to touch upon the essence of reality. Within this fair, humans are moving across sensitive bodies; reality is subtily reclaiming its rightful place. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…


MORUA ARTS PROJECT (MAP) is an independent, non-profit project founded by artist, choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong in January 2020. The first explosion of this art project is MUARUA – an artist-in-residence program focusing on performing/performance art in Hoi An, Vietnam. MORUA means “somewhere”, a symbol for the space-in-between, the space of experiments and process. MORUA ARTS PROJECT doesn’t want to focus on the final works. Instead, we eager to create a focused space and time for art practitioners to develop new works. MORUA is a moveable playground for choreographer/ performance and performing artists to develop their interdisciplinary works as well as to share their own method of body and movement.

MORUA would love to say thanks to Drawer, CAB Hoian for their generous support in terms of venue and organization. Lovely thanks to Nổ Cái Bùm for having us as a “Heart Explosion” in your wonderful Art-week.

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