Ao Ngu Than vs Ao Dai: From Traditional to Modernity

Ao Ngu Than vs Ao Dai: From Traditional to Modernity

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Sun 09 May 2021, 02 pm – 04:30 pm
Floor 4, Bancông cafe
02 Dinh Liet, Hanoi

From the organizer:

The áo dài is a costume designed for both women and men with a long history; however, when one speaks of Vietnam’s national dress and the áo dài one ‘s thoughts probably and understandably turn to the current day women’s áo dài . But actually there is a lot more to this style of dress and this presentation and demonstration of costumes will show you many sides of Vietnam’s iconic costume that may never have occurred to you.

The name áo dài was originally given to the outfits worn at the court of the Nguyen lords in Hue in the 18th century. It evolved into the áo ngũ thân, a five-paneled gown worn in the 19th and early 20th centuries ….

We honoured that 2-3 experts on the áo ngũ thân and the áo dài will be presenting everything there is to know about Vietnam’s national dress.

Dr Đinh Hồng Hải, from Vietnam National University. Professor of Anthropology, author of a four-volume book Typical symbols in Vietnamese traditional culture

Đinh Hồng Cường, cultural researcher, academic and author of the book Áo ngũ thân nam truyền thống

They will explain how the styles developed, what the true traditional and original outfit really is, what is right and wrong with the modern day áo dài, how other nation’s national dress have influenced today’s designs in Vietnam, the traditional áo ngũ thân for men (and women), why today’s women’s áo dài modern style is an adaption of the true original…

PIenty of time for Q&A – and men, there may be a chance for some of you to try on a traditional male áo ngũ thân.

Dress code: smart attire and we hope that as many people can wear their ao dai (women and men), or other national dress

Amount: 250,000 VND pp (same price for everyone as we have costs that FVH needs to cover for this event)

Please RSVP to stella + add your mob number [email protected]
The presentation will be given in ENG


1. The brief history of the Vietnamese traditional clothing
1.1. Classification of the Vietnamese traditional clothes: Giao lĩnh, tứ thân, ngũ thân…
1.2. The Vietnamese traditional clothes in the reign of Võ vương – Nguyễn Phúc Khoát: Áo ngũ thân
1.3. modern variations of the Áo dài . The name of Áo dài Nam Phương Hoàng hậu, Le Mur/Cát Tường, Trần Lệ Xuân,…)

2. A comparison between the Áo ngũ thân and imported forms (Western tunic, Chinese cheongsam/長衫/xường xám, Indian Achkan/अचकन (Yuèzhī 月氏)
2.1. The difference between Áo ngũ thân and Chinese cheongsam/長衫
2.2. The difference between Áo ngũ thân and Indian Achkan/अचकन
2.3. The connection between modern áo dài and similar style foreign designs

The Vietnamese áo dài: Tradition or modernity?
Q&A and discussion

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