”Italian Design Day” V Edition

”Italian Design Day” V Edition

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Thurs 08 July 2021, 02 pm – 04:30 pm
Fri 09 July 2021, 02 pm – 04:30 pm
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From the organizer:

One of the most buzzed-about events on Vietnam’s design circuit, the Italian Design Day 5th edition is back in July, this time to explore the theme of “Urban Regeneration” and “Technology applied to the preservation of Cultural heritage”.

What will we do?

Exploring the idea of urban regeneration in different countries with designers, architects and landscape planners. Looking for a solution to ride on growth and modernity without sacrificing its cultural identity.

Keynote Speaker

Architect Massimo Roj, the founder of Progetto CMR, who serves as this year’s Italian Design Ambassador in Vietnam, will also deliver an online presentation on architecture and sustainability in urban regeneration — two concepts he has actively championed for more than three decades now. As an ambassador of sustainable design, Massimo integrates sustainable strategies with the objective of creating a flexible and efficient architecture, using a holistic approach based on the “Less ego More Eco” motto, less personal interest and more collective benefits.

The seminar will connect professionals, academics and students in different cities of Italy and Vietnam

The seminar will be held simultaneously at:
– Hanoi
– Ho Chi Minh City
– Progetto CMR, Milan, Italy

Language: English – Vietnamese simultaneous translation

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