Exhibition: Glassy Figures

Exhibition: Glassy Figures

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11 – 17 Dec 2021
3rd Floor, Fine Art Exhibition Space
16 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Hoang Long Hai is a young artist with a desire to search and experiment with the method of expressing art by exploring the realm of personal introspection. Long Hai focuses on simpler things in life through the perspective of a ‘Gen Z’ 18-year-old: human-to-human interactions and indisposed yet emotional memories

Besides art, Long Hai finds music to be a companionate language to express art with the visual elements in his artwork, to create the fullest experience regarding emotions.

In life, Long Hai consciously observes and inspects different corners of life to enrich his musing experiences – this has an effect on how he tries different ways to express the stories behind “Glassy Figures”.

In the journey of finding a unique, more intimate perspective regarding the topic of indisposed memories/ melancholy in the heart, young artist Hoang Long Hai explores the realm of simpler truths about the ‘self’, moving away from the human craving of emotions. Through his debut art exhibition “Glassy Figures”, Long Hai attempts to question the line between profundity and hokum regarding themes of human vulnerabilities. Going deeper into the artist’s self-conscience, when the audience chooses to move away from the facade of chaos, imperfection and darkness, they will find out a beautiful truth: delicate yet incredibly piercing souls. The stories, the life experiences, the past is always shimmering and pure inside our hearts, just like glassy figurines; but sometimes all we need to do is gently cherish those beautiful things.

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