Illuminated Curiosities – Curatorial Tour – Part 1

Illuminated Curiosities – Curatorial Tour – Part 1

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Lêna Bùi, ‘Mandala of Proliferation’, 2016.

Sat 09 July 2022, 10 am
EMASI Vạn Phúc
2 Street No.5, Van Phuc Residential City, District Thu Duc, HCMC

From the organizer:

The Nguyen Art Foundation is pleased to present a 2-part art tour to uncover the world of our current exhibition ‘Illuminated Curiosities’, where you will find art inside a laboratory and science embedded in paintings! Together with co-curator Duong Manh Hung, explore the intricate intersections between art and science, how artists draw inspirations from scientific methodology and discoveries, and the role of exhibition-making in weaving a story that encompasses these two seemingly different domains.

Part 1 will take place at EMASI Van Phuc on 9 Jul, walking through the first 4 zones of curiosities: The Language, The Form, The Alchemy, and The Cosmos, while Part 2 – taking place at EMASI Nam Long on 23 Jul – will present the remaining 4 themes: The Body, The Machine, The History, and The Ecology.

Through this tour, our curatorial team wishes to engage the public in a shared dialogue, focusing not only on the concepts that form the backbone of the show, but also on the behind-the-scene of the exhibition-making process.

This 2-part curatorial tour is part of an on-going series of public and educational programs in association with the exhibition ‘Illuminated Curiosities’.

* Language: Vietnamese

Dương Mạnh Hùng is an independent translator/curator. His/her practice weaves textual intricacy with visual subtlety to deliver responses and raise questions about the state of the world. Hung’s interest in the dynamics between visual arts and translation comes from close attention to global and Southeast Asian socio-political histories, particularly through a botanical/ecological lens.

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