Exhibition “Plan of Summer”

Exhibition “Plan of Summer”

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10 am – 05 pm, 23 Sep – 31 Dec 2023
Artigin Art Space
Main lobby of Lotte Mall Westlake office building
683 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From the organizer:

As an extension, born with the purpose of continuing the art story of Hanoi Studio Gallery, we would like to introduce Artigin – Origin of Art. With an experienced team, we hope to bring art closer to the public through organizing professional, high-quality art exhibitions and events, continuing to accompany and advise units, organizations, and collectors inside and outside Vietnam.

Artigin Art Space, is pleased to introduce to art lovers the exhibition Plan of the Summer, with the participation of 6 artists- Do Minh Tam, Tran Hai Minh, Dam Dang Lai, Tran An, Can Van An, Dinh Duy Ton.

Four seasons come and go, as a constant, unchangeable doctrine of nature. Spring comes with hidden cherished vitality, Summer of blooming, of bursting out with life. Autumn of reminiscences, deposition. And a winter of frozen memories, when everything shrinks in their own “cocoons”, again waiting for an upcoming spring.

We, human beings, also have four seasons in life. The Summer, the most brilliant season of the year, also symbolizes the most vibrant season of human life, with seemingly endless nights drunk with lust and love. And moments of nothingness, when leaves start to wither in the wind.

Throughout our lives, we might experience many summers, but at the same time, we can only experience one summer. We know a lot, and seem to know nothing about summer, until it’s over.

The exhibition Plan of the Summer delves into the memories and sounds of summer in each of us, in order to create a silence in our minds, for us to remember, or for us to be silent and cherish the Summer passing by.

Six artists, six individuals carrying their own summers.

Tran Hai Minh dances with the strokes and traces of inner strength and emotions. Sometimes slow and gentle like a light summer breeze, other times rushing and intense like a July downpour.

Do Minh Tam with the interweaving patches of memories and the present. Profound, philosophical, yet also spontaneous and vibrant.
Dam Dang Lai is spontaneous and surreal with colorful shapes, standing, lying, running, jumping, blending into space.

Floating like a cloud, twisting like the wind, lively like mischievous creatures, Tran An, calm yet full of dynamics with thought-provoking “material” blocks. Stretching, molding the surrounding space.

Can Van An, struggling with the collision, invasion between old and new, new and old. With seemingly radiant and shining patches of color, but harboring a sense of unease.

Dinh Duy Ton, emotions and inner thoughts with the changes of youth, cold but also incredibly warm with shapes made of iron and stainless steel that convey feelings.

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