KVT – Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O.

KVT – Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O.

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KVT 2013Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 1

KVT in a dusty heaven

WANT AN ARTY SOUVENIR: but thought that you couldn’t afford something extra special!

Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 2

All you have to do is to take a wander into the International section of the Hanoi Post Office and delve into the dusty corners and shelves on the customer side of the counters.

Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 3
I had to go in and send off a parcel by registered mail and as I waited for a line of tourists to get their stamps I peered into the dim recesses in amazement.

Loads and loads of art and artifacts, some by outstanding local artists is scattered willy nilly. Some is damaged but most just need a dust or a polish.
Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 4
I wasn’t able to get images of the work or of the higgledly piggedly collection, but I did pick up a few woodcut prints by one of my favorite printmakers, Tran Cong Duong…for a song. He’s an internationally exhibited artist and the work is signed and his details are attached to each.
Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 5
There are some light boxes by another of my favorite artisans that I’ll be off to get tomorrow, also for a song.

Just thought I’d let you know!

Here’s my favorite purchase plus, scattered above, a few images of Tran Cong Dung’s similar work from other sources…some small some large….all of parking lots for Xe daps

Bargains @ the INTERNATIONAL P.O 6

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