Exhibition: Strokes and Shapes

Exhibition: Strokes and Shapes

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Opening: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 10 am
Exhibition: 18 – 22 Apr 2021
The Hanoi Center of Fine Arts and Photography Exhibition and Authentication
29 Hàng Bài, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Strokes and Shapes: Nguyen Duong Dinh, INH’s first solo exhibition after a long career of art practice and an important number of group exhibitions organized by the Vietnam Association of Fine Arts, the Hanoi Association of Fine Arts, art spaces and galleries.

This exhibition brings together almost 80 works created with diverse materials such as lead, charcoal, ink, pastels, crayons, watercolors on paper size from A4 to A0, and 10 sets of ceramic sculptures (3 works per set, average diameter from 10 to 20 cm).

All the paintings exhibited in Strokes and Shapes were created from 2017 until the present year. Completed in early 2021, the ceramic sculptures represent the artist’s thoughts and feelings about humanity, and global society during the Covid-19 outbreak. In the artist’s words, “The face masks show me the multifaceted and positive aspects of people in the pandemic.”

Strokes and shapes are the most significant concerns in Nguyen Duong Dinh’s works, especially since he started participating more frequently in the Hanoi Life Drawing Society (HLDS)’s sessions that welcome all live sketching lovers. A majority of these 80 works were selected from his collection of drawings in the HLDS, which include models from a wide range of different nationalities. This allows the diversity of body shapes, skin colours, intentional or random postures of live model(s). For instance, there is a requirement for artists not to glance at the paper in order to stimulate their observational skills, as well as feelings that in turn lead the hand movements, producing exuberant pictorial works.

In spite of the fast-paced sketching technique implied in «playing with strokes», INH is still able to accurately record shape, space and body features under various angles, creating emotional live model drawings.

“Văn là người/ Vẽ là người” – Art works essentially serve as a reflection of the artist. INH’s Strokes and Shapes are intrinsic and minimalist to the core, arising from his thoughtful and attentive observation.

Nguyễn Dương Đính (Inh Guyen, INH)

Born in 1957 in Hanoi, Vietnam, Nguyen Duong Dinh has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts (1982), an inservice-training bachelor’s degree in Painting (1995) and a master’s degree in Visual Arts (2005) at Vietnam University of Fine Arts. He was a visiting professor at Hanoi College of Art, Hanoi Open University, Hanoi National University of Education, and University of Nguyen Trai. During a long career of art practice, he has been involved in various Artist-in-residence programs and exhibitions organized by the Vietnam Association of Fine Arts, as well as the Hanoi Association of Fine Art, art spaces and galleries, such as Vietnam National Fine Arts Exhibition (2020), Hanoi Open Exhibition at Work Room Four and Manzi (2019), ASEAN Graphic Arts Exhibition (2016), etc. Inhguyen’s painting work “Systematic Composition” is preserved in Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum.

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