NeoClassic Ballet

NeoClassic Ballet

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Sat 10 Apr 2021, 08 pm
Saigon Opera House
07 Đồng Khởi, Bến Nghé, D1, HCMC

From the organizer:

Dépaysement, by the French choreographer J. Guerin, could be regarded as the feeling lost and disconnected, where dreams and desires are found. The girl in Dépaysement, performed by Thach Hieu Lang, is a lonely girl, so much that she got lost in her dreams, where her love for the music leads her to find people who can share with her but then finally recognize that she has to return to the loneliness in reality. The background music of this work is extracted from famous works such as Nocturne in C minor by F.Chopin, Gnossienne no.1 by Satie & Company, Variation movement V from Huit Pièces Brèves by Gabriel Faure, Moonlight Sonata by L.v.Beethoven, and Adagio in G minor by Tomaso Albinoni & Remo Giazott; sad and tormented; but so attractive. The work made a strong impression when it was on stage before. Participate in this work will be Mer.A. Ho Phi Diep, Mer.A. Dam Duc Nhuan, Yuki Hiroshige, Thach Hieu Lang, Nguyen Thu Trang, Tran Thi Hong Van, La Man Nhi.

Falling Angels, by choreographer Nguyen Phuc Hung, will be performed by the two talented Sung A Lung and Do Hoang Khang Ninh. Falling Angels originally shows the contrast between the fragile of the female artist (Do Hoang Khang Ninh) and the power of the male artist (Sung A Lung). According to the choreographer Nguyen Phuc Hung, the purity in each individual can conquer everything. The details and the movements in the work simply exploit the purity to the next level, something the need us to concentrate and use the sophistication in order to discover and realize.

“There is always a question unanswered in me: Am I insane or are they insane? Because deep inside our hearts, we find the fragility and the desire, a desire has long lying in us that only gets to burst out when we dialogue with ourselves.”

This is the main inspiration for artist Tran Hoang Yen to create her new work My Dream. This work will be performed by the young talents: Thach Hieu Lang, Nguyen Minh Tam, and Phan Thai Binh.

The talented choreographer Nguyen Phuc Hung will premier his new work Your Black Eyes with the participation of Nguyen Thu Trang, Do Hoang Khang Ninh, Thach Hieu Lang, La Man Nhi, Dang Minh Hien, Thanh Ngan, Sung A Lung, The Phuong, Phan Thai Binh, Minh Hieu.
A neoclassic ballet night is an interesting combination between neoclassic works which are about freedom and expression and ballet moves which are about techniques. As a result, audience will receive a mix feeling of romantic and bold.

The night filled with great music and quality dance moves is a promising night for art lovers in Ho Chi Minh City.


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