Art Resider: Night Irene – Hứa Vĩ Văn

Art Resider: Night Irene – Hứa Vĩ Văn

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08 – 15 May 2021, 08 am – 08 pm
Toong workplace
188 Võ Thị Sáu, W.7, D.3, HCMC

From the organizer:

After the debut exhibition ‘Dreamland’ curated by GocCreation, Hua Vi Van returns with new artwork – new inspiration and materials. Within the scope of the Art Resider program – which aims to provide space and support for the practice of multidisciplinary artists, Hua Vi Van “resides” at Toong workplace and directly creates in front of the public audience. The resulting artwork – ‘Night Irene’ – will be on display and closed auction from May 8th – May 15th, 2021, at 188 Vo Thi Sau. All profits from the sale of the painting will go to Vietnamese soldiers in the border areas, contributing to the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artwork description:

Mix media painting ‘Night Irene’ is inspired by the island of Santorini, Greece – a place that represents the artist’s peace of mind. Hua Vi Van experimented with acrylic, sea snail shells and starfish, which were attached to the painting with sticky powder and glue, finishing with a glossy coating. Although he perfected his work at Toong 188 Vo Thi Sau workspace in just a few days, Hua Vi Van spent a long time experimenting at his personal studio to find the most natural and thorough drawing process.

Looking at the artwork, we can see three parts manifest: sky, sea, earth. In it, the shells and starfish represent simple and anonymous creatures, which in turn have a great role in nature and immense impact on sustainable human life. In particular, when the issue of starfish being damaged by tourists is being strongly raised, ‘Night Irene’, to a certain extent, becomes a poetic reminder.

Charity auction:

Audiences who visit ‘Night Irene’ can participate in the auction, detailed instructions will be specified at the venue. All of the profits will be used to provide necessities for Vietnamese soldiers in the border areas such as masks, tea, coffee, food, …

Notice: Toong 188 Vo Thi Sau space will limit up to 20 visitors per turn. All visitors and support staff should wear masks. We will assist you in measuring body temperature and hand-sanitizing at the door.

The display of ‘Night Irene’ artwork is part of the Art Resider program, curated by GocCreation, co-organized by Toong.

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