Exhibition “Fragility Eternity”

Exhibition “Fragility Eternity”

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10 am – 07 pm, Tues – Sun 14 Oct – 05 Nov 2023
Gate Gate Gallery
55 Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Continuing the story of the past intertwined with the present, Gate Gate Gallery presents “Fragility Eternity | Mong manh vĩnh cửu” – a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Trần Minh Đức. The exhibition will present 15 multi-media installations.

Stepping into the space of Fragility Eternity, you are immersed in a world that is both mischievous and playful, yet full of reflection. Persistent in his artistic practice inspired by reflections on memories and historical branches from political cultural events closely related to stories from his family, from relatives, and from the neighborhood, Trần Minh Đức continues his journey of penetrating into the always-latent conflicts between different historical records through the image of the stars. Throughout the pink color from the installation “Những bông hoa hồng nở bung độ xuân về” to “Những vì sao mọc” or the dazzling pink LED light of “Xây dựng vì sao”, you are filled with the transience and emptiness of all these stories and histories. Mong Manh Vĩnh Cửu seems to gently touch the emotions, memories, and perceptions of each viewer in the space – like a passing breeze, or the lingering scent of a flower from a moment that was very far away.

Materials are also one of the characteristics of Trần Minh Đức, as you notice modern, transient elements, such as stainless steel tables, illuminating flare parachutes, popular beer carton sheets, or early-blooming flowers among artifacts that have carved the imprints of time such as copper bullet casings, name tags of soldiers still used in the war. In this exhibition, Trần Minh Đức once again awakens historical moments that may have been easily forgotten until now and preserves the “fragile” memories of individuals and groups, extending the “eternal” vitality of memories through space and time.

Artist Trần Minh Đức

Trần Minh Đức was born and raised in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. He graduated from the Department of Painting at the Ho Chi Minh City College of Culture and Arts. Đức’s work always explores the character of urban life, people, and history, always recording from the interactions between individuals and communities, between the concepts of local and foreign attributes. His practice examines the definition of what it means to be Vietnamese in the complex intersections of contemporary life. He is attracted to the history of place, the way that historical images inspire people to act in a way that is imitative, fragmented, and unintentionally creates oral stories, religious and belief symbols, postcards, and collected materials/materials. His works apply multiple (non-)materials including: performance, photography, paper collage, print, installation, animation, music to explore community memory and cultural archives by researching historical narratives, the impact of colonialism and imperialism, and the long-term impact of war and migration.

Gate Gate Gallery

With the desire to create an art space to promote Vietnamese contemporary art and become a gateway to bring Vietnamese art to the wider public in the country and internationally, Gate Gate Gallery was founded as a connecting point between young, promising artists, established artists in Vietnam, and Vietnamese artists abroad.

– The exhibition is not suitable for children under 6 years old.
– To ensure quietness and appropriate space for the exhibition, each session is limited to a maximum of 20 guests, so guests may need to wait for their turn.
– Visitors are kindly requested to read carefully and follow the exhibition’s visiting regulations.
– Visitors by default agree to allow Gate Gate Gallery to use all images/materials of the event for the purposes of archiving, writing articles, research, education, and media promotion.

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