A Virtual Showcase | Hyperlocal Tapestries: Blueprints For Equitable And Sustainable Futures

A Virtual Showcase | Hyperlocal Tapestries: Blueprints For Equitable And Sustainable Futures

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09 pm – 10:45 pm, Fri 19 Apr 2024
Online via Zoom
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From the organizer:

Thì Collective and Heritage Space are delighted to introduce an online exhibition titled “Hyperlocal Tapestries: Blueprints for Equitable and Sustainable Futures”, featuring the works of 6 artists/artist groups from four different geographical areas. The exhibition is a part of The Global Incubator, a project launched and managed by Artlink (Switzerland), aiming to provide transdisciplinary artists and creatives with 2-10 years of professional experience the opportunity to learn the practical skills required to design, coordinate, and facilitate an engaging virtual workshop.

As one of the four implementing partners of the program, Heritage Space supported Thì Collective from Central Vietnam – the selected candidate in Southeast Asia – to conduct the workshop “Art as a Method of Engagement Society” with the participation of creative individuals from all three regions. The results of the project have been presented on this online exhibition platform with five other candidates from South Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

*Free to join, maximum 100 people.
**Language: English, Vietnamese with interpretation support.

The Global Incubator saw six transdisciplinary artists-grantees and creatives from across the world, furthering their capacities in crafting, coordinating, and leading captivating virtual and in-person workshops on themes canvassing Food Futures, Migration and Mobility, Indigenous, Afro-Caribbean Cosmogonies, Gender & Equity and Climate Action.

With mentorship and collaborative guidance, the artist-grantees pushed boundaries, captivated diverse audiences, and left a lasting mark on their respective creative landscapes during the project from September 2023 to April 2024.

The Global Incubator is an initiative of artlink financed by the South Culture Fund (Switzerland) in partnership with Meta Arts (India), Heritage Space (Vietnam), lugar a dudas (Colombia), and Global Landscapes Forum (Indonesia, Germany).

Artist Grantees and Their Projects:
Sudebi Thakurata, India, South Asia – Climate Compass
Maham Chiragh, Pakistan, South Asia – Feminist Geographies
Linda Pongutà, Colombia, South America – The Origin of Colours
Jeisson Castillo, Colombia, South America – Cosmopolitics and Cosmogeographies
Anne Kirya, Uganda, East Africa – Show and Tell
Alex Nguyễn (Thì Collective), Vietnam, Southeast Asia – Arts as an Instrument to Weave Society Together.

Production Partners:
Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, Heritage Space (VN)
Arnab Banerjee, Meta Arts (IN)
Éricka Florez, lugar a dudas (CO)
Anna Denardin, Judith Sonneck, Global Landscapes Forum (DE/ID)
***The showcase’s construction utilized pre-existing 3D models courtesy of Sketchfab, bariacg, anitatirts, and Aliaksandr.melas.


21:00: Event opens in Zoom.
21:05 – 21:40: Welcome and Speeches.
21:40 – 22:20: People get links to the hub’s space and visit each room by guideline.
22:25 – 22:40: Q&A session after showcase visit.
22:40 – 22:45: Closing remarks.

About workshop “Arts As An Instrument To Weave Society Together” of Thì Collective

Starting on February 18, 2024, and will last for one month, the online series workshop ARTS AS AN INSTRUMENT TO WEAVE SOCIETY TOGETHER includes four discussions sharing experiences from artists/projects. The discussions are a way to open up artistic possibilities for young people compelled by the link between art and social issues. The workshop series will be completely online. The series is an initiative of Thì Collective and artist Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai, with the support of the Heritage Space and sponsored by Artlink.

About Thì Collective:

Thì Collective, a collective family of artists, journalists, and cultural practitioners, uses art as a way to approach marginalized groups and contemporary social issues in Vietnam.

About Heritage Space:

Heritage Space is an independent organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. To support contemporary arts in Vietnam, Heritage Space has been focusing on many interdisciplinary activities including art exhibitions and projects, a library, music concerts and performances, education and exchange programs, and others. We welcome all collaborative opportunities. Please send your proposals via email to [email protected].

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