Hue – Exhibition “The Connection”

Hue – Exhibition “The Connection”

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exhibition the connection

Opening: Sun 08 Jun 2014, 5.30 pm
Exhibition: 08 – 23 Jun 2014
New Space Arts Foundation, Hue

From the organizer:

You are invited to the exhibition “The Connection” by artist Hoang Anh.


The complex of oil paintings on canvas, installation and performance is named “Connection”


The life on earth is an endless cycle starting from giving birth, to maturing, getting old and finally decease. When a human being stops to exist other human beings are born to to the world to start the cycle all over again. This is a connection.

A Vietnamese proverb goes “Một giọt máu đào hơn ao nước lã” (“Blood is thicker than water”). People born to the same ancestors, regardless of their social status, destiny, or habitat, are connected by the same blood. Each of them in their own generation contributes to pushing the wheel of life forward.

While people use family annals records or a family tree to record the connection between family members, I choose to paint it.

Fourty years ago, millions of Americans were struck by the stunning novel “Roots” by Alex Harley. An impulse took the possession of them to trace their ancestors who existed many centuries earlier.

These are my paternal grandfather, my farther, my uncles, my brothers.
These are my maternal grandmother, my mother, my aunts, my sisters.

Still, not limited to the kinship connection, these are my close friend, my close friend’s friend, my close friend’s friend’s friend, and my close friend’s friend’s friend’s friend. They create a line of connection within this full-of-connections world.

And now you are here, let us join our hands to create a connection and make expand and prolong until ever after.

New Space Arts Foundation
2nd Floor, Number 15 Le Loi, Hue City


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