Exhibition “Anberaumt” in Germany

Exhibition “Anberaumt” in Germany

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Exhibition: 04 – 26 May 2019
Künstlerforum Bonn, Germany

From the artists:

The art project “Anberaumt” (Scheduled) is currently on showcase at Künstlerforum Bonn contemporary art space in Germany. It is a collaborative effort of a group of German and international artists, working together in the past three months under the guidance and sponsorship of Künstlerforum Bonn and the two curators Paul Jonas Perty and Amely Spötzl.

Vietnamese artist Le Van Son is among the participating artists.

The exhibition was launched at 4 pm on May 4 and will last until May 26. Below are photos of some artworks on display at the exhibition:

At the exhibition’s opening
“Untitled” No. 2 and 3 by Le Van Son
A part of the artwork “A day has past” by Oliver Blackmann
A part of the artwork “Para Space” by Ralf Kosmo
A part of the artwork “Sitting form, Hanging form, round form” by Cecilie Nagel Bergheim

For more photos of the artworks, please visit the organizer’s website


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