Symposium ANTIGONE

Symposium ANTIGONE

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23 – 24 Apr 2021, 02 pm – 10 pm
Goethe Institut
56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From Goethe Institut:

Antigone by Sophocles was written in ancient Greece about 2462 years ago. This may seem a long time ago. But there are surprisingly many aspects to this play which make it relevant as food of thought even in contemporary Vietnam.

There are for example parallels of Antigone with Vietnamese female heroines of history and parallels with Truyen Kieu. A strong female figure, taking responsibility for what she thinks should be done in a moment of crisis, with religion, karma and reflections about what should be a proper life in justice and dignity.

Theater directors, stage designers, composers, script writers, graphic novelists, literary critics, translators, activists for gender justice are welcome to apply for participation in the symposium. Let us jointly look at this jewel of World literature and find out how the audiences can be made interested in reading the play or seeing it on stage.

For your participation please apply: [email protected]
Please give us some details about your cultural background and why the participation should be fruitful for your artistic work.

The first day of the symposium (April 23, 2021) is about interpreting Antigone. We are pointing at some possible approaches towards an interpretation of Antigone. What references can be made from Vietnamese history and culture to Antigone? What role and image of women is conveyed in Antigone? How does Antigone differ from Truyen Kieu? Why must Antigone die? Which other themes are hidden in this piece of world literature that can be unfolded in today’s context?

The second day (April 24, 2021) is about aesthetic issues. We look at recent productions of ANTIGONE on Vietnamese and German stages. We ask what artistic forms have they taken or which aesthetic directions may productions take in the future. We will invite presentations and ideas from Germany, Switzerland and Austria online.

The kaleidoscope of ideas and forms should ultimately stimulate the discussion of the directors present. With a view on Antigone, we want to talk about the future of the theatre. This can refer to the audience’s attention span, to technical ways of making use of the black box theatre stage, to the relationship between an authentic experience of action on the stage and the presence of the theatre on the Internet, and a lot more.

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