4th European Literature Days

4th European Literature Days

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4th European Literature Days 1

Opening: Thu 22 May 2014, 5.30 pm
Goethe Institut

Literature Days: 22 – 25 May 2014
Goethe Institut, L’Espace and Casa Italia

European Literature Days is part of the Europe Days in Vietnam 2014.

Some event highlights:

22 May:
Book Presentation: Mein Leben (My life) by Marcel Reich-Ranicki
Film Screening ”The Love of Books”

23 May:
Conference “Female European Authors: The Love for Literature and Life”
Creative Writing Workshop with UK Writer Aoife Mannix
Seminar on French Writer Patrick Modiano

24 May:
Book Presentation “Il cimitero di Praga” (The Prague Cemetery)
Author Reading and Screening of ”The Taste of Apple Seeds”

25 May:
Book Presentation “Dietro le mie quinte” and Meeting with Author Lorenzo Angeloni
Book Presentation and Screening of the Film Adaption ”Rubinrot”

From Goethe Institut:

For the fourth time, EUNIC, an association of European cultural institutes and embassies, is presenting new literature from Europe in Hanoi: Bestseller novels from France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Sweden, books for kids and teenagers from Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy – lots of discoveries await book lovers, both young and old. Meet the writers Aoife Mannix (UK), Katharina Hagena (GER), Christoph Links (GER) and Magdalena Witkiewicz (POL), listen to talks and readings or register for a workshop on creative writing, not to forget the film screenings that enrich this year’s program. All events are taking place at the Goethe-Institut, at L’Espace or at Casa Italia.

In Focus: Books by and about Women

Books by female authors featuring strong women and reflecting the role of women in society represent an important issue in this year: German writer Katharina Hagena will read and talk about her novel “The Taste of Apple Seeds” about three generations of women in a family, their fates and secrets. “School of Wives” by Magdalena Witkiewicz has been very successful in Poland and is now released in Vietnamese, as well as the uncommon love stories by Swedish author Katarina Mazetti. The UK based poet Aiofe Mannix will give a workshop about creative writing and participate in a panel discussion about female writing and women in contemporary European literature.

Organised by the Institut Français with Mrs. Le Hong Sam, specialist in French literature and the novelist Nuage Rose, this round table will focus on the major French female authors in the 20th century (Colette, Yourcenar, Duras, but also younger ones), whose books have been translated into Vietnamese and who are thus well known in Vietnam. Moreover the German writer Katharina Hagena, the British author Aoife Mannix and Polnish Literature translater Nguyen Thi Thanh Thu will also take part in this round table discussion, which will be moderated by Uyen Ly, a familiar culture researcher.

Europe Day 2014 3

New Books for Kids and Teenagers

European countries have a long tradition in children’s literature. Danish author Hans Christian Andersen has become world-famous with his fairy tales, including “The Little Mermaid” or “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. Who wants to immerse himself into Andersen’s fairy tale world, has the opportunity to do so at the European Literature Days. “Jip and Janneke” is a popular Dutch children’s book, now available also in Vietnamese, which will help the droll main characters to make many new friends here. Two beautiful children’s books from Italy, “The Night of the Toys” and “The Fairy Tales on the Telefone“, will be presented in the stylish ambience of Casa Italia.

Austrian writer Thomas Brezina has won the hearts of millions of young readers with his books „Wilde Wahnsinnsengel“: First love, friendship, adventure and a fantasy setting have proved to be an extremely successful mix. This is also true for the teenager novels by Kerstin Gier. “Rubinrot” is a Fantasy novel with lots of romantic love and exciting action across several centuries and continents, made recently into a film. In Germany, the book and the film are as popular with young readers as with adults, and the release of the Vietnamese version of the book will certainly get “Rubinrot” lots of new fans.

4th European Literature Days 3

New in this year: Films about Books

For the first time, there will be also film screenings in the program of the European Literature Days. The Goethe-Institut presents two films based on very successful books: “The Taste of Apple Seeds”, after the novel by Katharina Hagena, and “Rubinrot”, the all-age fantasy book by Kerstin Gier. Through the film, one can get to know the story, which then is more than motivating to read the book afterwards.

Would people risk their lives to rescue books threatened by bombs and devastation? Yes, as you can see in the award winning documentary “The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story” about the dramatic evacuation of the famous library of Sarajevo during the Balkan war. This film is presented by British Council at the opening night of the European Literature Days at the Goethe-Institut.

4th European Literature Days 2

What else is there for book lovers and professionals?

Some people have lived a life much more exciting and dramatic than any novel could invent. This is true for Marcel Reich-Ranicki, the Jewish intellectual surviving the Warsaw Ghetto, whose autobiography “Mein Leben” is presented now in the Vietnamese edition at the Goethe-Institut. The threat of persecution and death under the Nazi regime is also a topic in many books of French writer Patrick Modiano who has also got Jewish roots. The Institut Français presents this important writer and his works in a roundtable discussion.

Umberto Eco is not only the most famous and important contemporary semiotician, but also numerously awarded bestseller author. With “The Prague Cemetery” he gives conspiracy fans a new breath-taking novel. Still being hot off the press, the Vietnamese translation will be presented by the translator Nguyen Thuy Hien at the Casa Italia. On the next day, the Casa Italia invites all those who want to begin their Sunday with a brilliant philosophical consideration, to a literary cocktail with H.E. Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni. Besides being the ambassador of Italy to Vietnam, he is an active intellectual and writer. During the cocktail he will present his latest book that is now released in Vietnamese.

The Goethe-Institut invites representatives of publishing houses to a seminar with Christoph Links, a German publisher and former CEO of the Frankfurt Book Fair, about book market and book marketing: How to bring books to the audience? Best practices from Germany will be presented and analysed in the discussion.

The comprehensive program of presentations, round table discussions, workshops and film screenings will be supplemented by publishers’ book stalls on Saturday at the Goethe-Institut, where books can be purchased at discount prices.

For detailed program, download the program in PDF file European Literature Days 2014.

Free entrance.

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