Collective Trajectory, Invisible Connection and from the World Beyond the Screen to...

Collective Trajectory, Invisible Connection and from the World Beyond the Screen to Reality

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03 pm – 05 pm, Thurs 12 Oct 2023
ZOOM | Bà Bầu Air
82A Thợ Nhuộm, Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.
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From the organizer:

The lecture aims to analyse and discuss the theme of ‘Mobility’ in the Korean art scene, especially from 2022 to 2023, focusing on the nowness. Before the commencement, ‘Mobility’ is a relatively outdated topic that has already been discussed a lot, thus, mobility itself does not renew or stimulate our senses. Many of the previous artworks and exhibitions have talked about movable, ableism and varied types of mobiles in terms of globalisation or the information super highway. However, contemporary art, specifically in Seoul, where is producing the C.A.S.E. (Connected, Automated, Shared & Service, Electric) mobile actively as a hybrid city, suggests different notions of what mobility is now. Referring to young Korean artists’ works, I categorise in three concise features of newly identified mobility by looking at the current established mobility strategies mentioned above simultaneously: Collective trajectory, Invisible connection and From the world beyond the screen to reality.

Each has one to two cases of exhibitions or artwork to disclose the feature, and I address mobility as a transitioning concept, not just metaphor and symbolic interpretation but a physical and practical system. At the end of the lecture, I would like to question how the manifestation of mobility in the future will be reflected in art and sharing expectations and conjunctions of varied ideas.

– Curator Jieon Lee

*Language: English
** Maximum number of participants: 20 people (Bà Bầu Air), 100 people (ZOOM)
*** We aim to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions in our culture and art events, so please bring personal bottles and avoid bringing drinks in disposable cups to the event.

A part of Month of Art Practice – MAP 2023 with the theme ‘Alternative Mobility’.

About guest curator

As a curator, and a writer based in Seoul, Jieon Lee is interested in linking science-fiction images with the birth of new normality observed in the current age. She is also interested in various media experiments that use the “body” as a medium. Lee studied exhibitions and projects while expanding on the production of artworks, and curated and co-curated the exhibitions, including Contrology (Hall1, Seoul, 2022), Ecotone: Capacity for Escape (Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, 2022), Underwater Hibernation (PLACEMAK3, Seoul, 2021), and Emerging Landscape: A New Normality (Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, 2019), etc.

The Lecture is part of Month of Arts Practice, abbreviated as MAP – the annual art project of Heritage Space since 2015. Each year, MAP sets out a specific theme, inviting the participation of internationally acclaimed artists and curators to come to Hanoi (Vietnam) to practice and exchange with talented young Vietnamese artists.

Month of Arts Practice 2023 – the 9th season of MAP – continues with The Alternative Mobility theme. Month of Arts Practice 2023 features the participation of two groups of artists and cultural practitioners in both cities: Hanoi (Vietnam) and Bremen (Germany). Experimental art activities are designed and implemented by both groups in two different cities to reveal dialogues in context, culture, emotion, politics, and artistic expression. Guest curators are invited to observe and conduct seminars, and lectures for all artists. Finally, the results are presented as exhibition and publication in both cities.

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