Germany – Exhibition “Relics of Memory” by Do Tuan Anh

Germany – Exhibition “Relics of Memory” by Do Tuan Anh

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Opening: Friday 8 Mar 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition: 9 Mar – 27 Apr 2019,
FONIS Galerie
Lindenstr. 90
40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

From the organizer:

After his last solo-exhibitions („untouched land“, 2016 and „fragile“, 2017) where Tuan Anh submerged himself in observing nature and especially natural decay processes of biological structures such as insect wings or leaves, this time he took his inspiration from human artefacts: On a scroll through the alleyways of Rome, inconspicuous relics of frescoes drew his attention. Closer examination revealed in front of his mind’s eye the beauty of ancient times’ art works.

So inspired he started to develop his own „personal relics“ and pieces of memory. Each single piece of art seems to tell its own story and invites the beholder questioning his own existence and to contemplate on his own memories.

Tuan Anh chose cement as medium especially suited to develop a vast variety of forms, and to imitate the brokenness and weariness of his relics. Once again the pictures remain in impactful sole black and white, where he applied acrylic paint with a miniscule brush.


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