Exhibition “Street Story”

Exhibition “Street Story”

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Artwork by Vu Bich Thuy

Opening: Sat 10 Aug 2019, 5 pm
Exhibition: 10 – 25 Aug 2019, 9 am – 5 pm
Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition
29 Hang Bai Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi

From the organizers:

At 5 pm on 10 Aug 2019, Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition at 29 Hang Bai Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi will open the exhibition titled “Chuyen pho” (Street Story) of a group of 5 artists – Vu Bich Thuy, Tran Luu My, Doan Hoang Lam, Tao Linh and Nguyen Minh. With approximately 40 brand new artworks, the artists want to bring to the public street stories that are closed to their hearts during the one-week long exhibition.

It can be said that, being an artist living in Hanoi, more or less each have made street paintings. Many have become famous for these artworks. Therefore, choosing the streets as the theme for a group exhibition is a challenge for the artists. But looking at them and their creative process, it is easy to see a certain confidence, not only because they were born and raised in the city, but also because of their artistic personalities ensuring diverse perspectives on the city street life.

As the only woman in the group, Vu Bich Thuy shares her experiences through everyday stories, with a personal perspective of a family woman, with small street corners, potted plants on the doorstep, the afternoon sunshine on the house front. Thuy’s feminine sophistication is reflected in the light-hearted color palette. But in an extreme spirit of expressing her works in pure abstract form, Thuy’s works have a strong impact on the audience’s emotions.

Artwork by Tran Luu My

Also with an abstract style, yet Tran Luu My’s paintings are of houses and trees with lots of wind and sunshine. Through his paintings, we can almost imagine a quiet middle-aged man strolling along a windy deserted street. In the daze of Tran Luu My’s paintings, we see the rhythm of colors, of brushstrokes and of the life of a person who lives their entire life among the city streets, cramped yet free, quiet yet cheerful.

Artwork by Nguyen Minh

Nguyen Minh is the youngest artist in the group. Minh’s streets are somewhere in the outskirts, somewhere between the village and the city. The streets and the trees in his paintings are an echo of the village in his childhood memories. The contrast between the rigidity and coherence of the wall lines, of the roof with a soft palette and many playful complementary colors in his expressive paintings bring out the artist’s personality. Minh cares about the contrast and intertwining things in life such as modernity and traditions, the new and the old, reality and virtuality, past and present,… A city – village has the combination of the new and the old, traditions and modernity, and romance.

Artwork by Doan Hoang Lam

Doan Hoang Lam’s street story seems to be full of anxiety and yearning. Lam let us hear the screaming cat on a roof on a windy night. Lam shows us the restlessness of kids waiting for their mother in the evening. Lam tells stories about house corners, about the everyday life in the city streets. That is how his expressive paintings and use of colors are full of reflections on people – those who live along the city streets.

Artwork by Tao Linh

Tao Linh seems to want to tell another story about the streets. From hobby of city people like a tank of goldfish, Tao Linh leads the viewer into a different living space in the city streets, a space of a different dimension to daily life – a psychological space. With a minimal style, all eight of Tao Linh’s paintings are like a whisper, a metaphor about the streets, one’s personal dark corner.

With five different stories about the city streets expressed in five different voices, through nearly 40 paintings, the five artists present to the public a ballad of about Hanoi streets.

The exhibition “Street Story” is a free entry event, open from 10 to 25 Aug 2019.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition
29 Hang Bai Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm
Telephone: +84 (0)24 3825 2781

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