Read with us #08: Displacement, Fiction, Transience, Confinement

Read with us #08: Displacement, Fiction, Transience, Confinement

07 am – 07 pm, 07 Aug – 18 Sep 2023
Floor 02, Sóng Sánh Cafe
48 Ngọc Hà, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Place and space have long been a subject of fascination for photographers, from Brassai’s nocturnal images of Parisienne streets and alleyways to The New Topographers’ documentation of man-altered landscapes.

10 publications here contain diverse interpretations of place and space, ranging from a fictional creation of an ideal home to the peripheries of battle: the training, reenactments, and symbols that further extend and entrench the mark of conflict on the people and places involved. There is a comprehensive documentation of the landscape of the Holocaust, photographs which act as apertures onto the malaise of urban sprawl. There are folk tales along The Great Wall visually retold, images of ghost housing estates that espouse Robert Adams’ tenets of geography, biography and metaphor, personal places of attachment to the photographer that quietly begin to examine their country’s complex past through images of rooms made of light and history. The act of photography can thus be considered as placemaking through the lens.

As Palasmaa says, ‘The medium of photography is capable of organising a space by framing and adjusting the depth of field, etc giving it a new credit. A catalyst that converts any location into a place is a process of deep experience’. We invite you to read with us to discover the sheer diversity of that process at this showcase.

List of titles:

Home Instruction Manual (2016) – Jan McCullough
Survivors in Ukraine (2015) – Stephen Shore
On Contested Terrain (2020) – An-My Lê
Maze (2004) – Donovan Wylie
Towards New Landscapes (2023) – Kurniadi Widodo
Watering My Horse by a Spring at the Foot of the Long Wall (2020) – Xiaoxiao Xu
A Wounded Landscape (2022) – Marc Wilson
If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now (2016) – Ruth Connolly
Cloppenburg (2019) – Laurenz Berges
In Veneto 1984-89 (2019) – Guido Guidi

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