Workshop: The Outlook of Contemporary Photography

Workshop: The Outlook of Contemporary Photography

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Time of course: Mid – March – late of April, 2013 (10 sessions)
Deadline for registration and submitting works: 25 Feb

This workshop, combines theory and practice of photography, is to help students to discover how to look and sense the images; learn the meaning of the implementation of works and how to read the photographic work.

In the workshop, participants will 1) actively and regularly review the work of the artist photographer and film in the world, 2) self-made personal studies and research then present them in the workshop on their own and 3) implement of an independent personal work based on the idea of the workshop for a group exhibition.

We will review the work of photographers such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, Robert Frank, William Eggleston (and some filmmakers: Chris Marker, Gia Truong Kha, Nicolas Philibert) then consider their ideas about the still, the concept, layout and how to communicate via visual form.

During the workshop, participants will make their personal projects – either in photography or film – to make a group exhibition. The theme of the exhibition will be determined by the student and the instructor – photographer Jamie Maxtone-Graham, but the main idea of the workshop – mainly on idea, visionvisual language and its operation.

To register, you need to create and submit on time a series of photos on request: 5-7 photographs on the theme “Self – portrait” with a short statement about the work. Registration records will be selected primarily based on creativity, ideas and efforts, not the technical evaluation. You can submit photos or video files. English speaking is not required (however it would be more favorable if you can speak English). The class will consist of 10 students.

Workshop is free to attend.
The workshop is funded by CDEF.

For more information and registration please send an email to: [email protected]

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