HN / HCMC – Book Launch & Discussion: Hoa sac Viet tu...

HN / HCMC – Book Launch & Discussion: Hoa sac Viet tu tranh Hang Trong

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IF Hanoi

Exhibition of traditional Hàng Trống paintings on L’Espace’s mezzanine: 01 – 31 Mar 2018, 9 am – 8 pm
(longer opening hours on event nights at L’Espace)
Discussion: Sat 31 Mar 2018, 9.30 am

HCMC: Sat 07 Apr 2018, 3 pm
4 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, Dist.2

From L’Espace:

You are invited to the launching event of the book “Họa sắc Việt từ tranh Hàng Trống” (The Vietnamese Colors of Hàng Trống Paintings) and a discussion on how traditional materials can support Vietnam’s design industry of today, featuring:

In Hanoi:
– Painter, reseacher of Hàng Trống folk paintings: Mr Phan Ngoc Khue
– Author of “Họa sắc Việt từ tranh Hàng Trống”: Ms Trinh Thu Trang
– 01 young designer, member of the project “Họa Sắc Việt”

In HCMC: Author Trinh Thu Trang

Register forms in Hanoi and HCMC

What is “Họa Sắc Việt”?

“Họa Sắc Việt” is a product of the SRiver group. This is the first project in Vietnam to provide both a theoretical analysis of Hàng Trống paintings and practical methods of using and adapting the colors and patterns of this type of painting.

The purpose of the project is to make Hàng Trống paintings known to a wider audience, especially to young artists and designers in Vietnam. The patterns and colors of the Hàng Trống paintings will be digitized and made available to creators and designers through applications for graphics, fashion, furniture and crafts.

The project resulted in a first book entitled “Họa sắc Việt từ tranh Hàng Trống”, designed not only for design professionals and fine artists, but also for all Vietnamese folk art lovers.

What makes Vietnam’s designs unique?

Since the author entered the design industry in 2002, she has been obsessed with a question: How is Vietnamese design different? What do we do to particularize Vietnamese style within global design? While resources related to Vietnamese designs are still rare, with a single click, one can get access to thousands of books and various documents on Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English or French designs…

The elements that characterize an artistic movement always reflect a culture and a society at a given moment. This is why, according to the author, the answer lies perhaps in the return to an ancestral artistic tradition, which would become, for the designers, a breeding ground for the development of an innovative design. It also recognizes the great challenge of accessing relevant resources and documentation. Despite the similarities that they shared with other Asian arts, Hàng Trống paintings do indeed have a “soul” and specific characteristics in which the Vietnamese identity shines through.

Let’s take part in this inspiring journey with SRiver where each step is accompanied by colorful, simple and inspiring paintings.

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