Exhibition Art In The Forest 2019

Exhibition Art In The Forest 2019

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Opening: Sat 26 Oct 2019
Exhibition: 26 Oct 2019 – 15 Oct 2020
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort – Ngoc Thanh, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc

From the organizers:

The opening ceremony of Art in the Forest 2019 (AIF 2019) officially took place in the morning of 26 October at the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, celebrating not only an impressive collection of artworks but also the project’s fifth anniversary, the journey over half a decade of devotion and pride, and also of many seemingly insurmountable challenges, that has resulted in the formation of an art space unlike any others.

With the theme of “International Arts of Lacquer and Sculpture”, AIF 2019 and the Flamingo Dai Lai art space have attracted the participation of ten painters and seven sculptors from Vietnam and overseas, such as sculptor Ariel Moscovici, sculptor Floyd Elzinga, artist Sha Sha Higby, and artist Nobuyuki Takana, among others, alongside known faces from previous seasons such as Japanese artist Mukai Katsumi, sculptor Dam Dang Lai, and sculptor Le Lang Luong. Against the lush natural landscape of Dai Lai, 68 artworks came together to paint a great autumn tale with their unique colors. While each artwork boasts of its own individual style and message, there is something in common: they are the result of creative processes that are as laborious and serious as they are personal and private.

Intrigued by the play between beauty and imperfection, Spanish sculptor Daniel Pérez created the 3D artwork “XXI Century Fragment” while his counterpart from South Korea, sculptor Yongsan Jang, sought to visualize his persistent quest for the substance of life, light, birth and death through “Particle 190916”, and sculptor Ariel Moscovici from France posed the question of the “beginning” or “origins”, at the same time giving the feeling of energy and hope for a better future, through “The Space Between II”.

“Particle 190916” – stainless steel, 300x400x800cm, sculptor Yongsun Jang

Geometric and dramatic or supple and sensual, sculptor Le Lang Luong told the story of “Belonging to the Sea” in his multi-facetedness of perception. Using similar themes on nature, sculptor Dam Dang Lai wished to share the blessing of happiness with everyone though his “Colors of the Wind”. Exposing viewers to a range of emotions and feelings, “Potential” by sculptor Floyd Elzinga from Canada captured the spirit of the forest in the image of the pinecone, a symbol of regeneration and immortality. Viewers wishing to listen to “Sound of the Earth” could come to Japanese sculptor Mukai Katsumi to feel a green gust of wind blowing through the meadow or the whispering of flowers and insects on the surface of the earth.

Spanish sculptor Daniel Pérez, first-time participant in AIF, finishing up his artwork.

Alongside sculptural artworks, lacquer paintings also got their rightful share of space to tell their stories. While painter Jang Jin-su philosophized the modern society through the image of tangled twigs, local artists such as Vu Hong Nguyen and Nguyen Tran Cuong used lacquer as a medium to reflect upon the inter-connectedness of all things in the universe. Viewers were taken aback by “Specimen” by artist Saeko Ando and lost with artist Dinh Quan Lac in lands of “Sediment”. While “Song” by artist Le Thua Tien was a pause for self-reflection and soul searching, artist Cong Kim Hoa was all about “Movement”. Artist Sha Sha Higby unfolded the drama where emotions and thoughts gave rise to thousands of adventures. On the theme of life, artist Nobuyuki Tanaka and artist Ly Truc Son evoked primordial memories through their highly individual approaches.

“Movement IV” by painter Cong Kim Hoan
Painter Jang Jin-su’s reflection on Nietzsche’s “eternal return” in his work

68 artworks came together and formed, against the backdrop of Dai Lai’s enchanting autumn full of wind and sun, a beautiful symphony known as AIF. Through the language of painting and sculpture, each year the public gets to experience and appreciate art in new ways; each year, their journey to Flamingo Dai Lai Resort and AIF opens them to new possibilities of a richer soul and a more fulfilling experience of life.

After six seasons and with an ever-growing collection, AIF has been successful at connecting like-minded members of artist communities and sharing with the public a deep existential philosophy. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has become a safe haven where kindred spirits meet and thinkers, dreamers and lovers are sheltered from the rat race. Certainly the art project with the longest vision in Vietnam, AIF’s final goal goes beyond the formation of a unique art space; it is to lay the foundation for a contemporary art museum for painting and an outdoor sculpture park, representing a very special era in the country’s social and cultural development.

“The artworks of today contribute to the greatness of the art space of tomorrow, where artistic values and the sense of responsibility for the arts never cease to grow. Our dream is to build this place into a new cultural destination and a venue for aesthetic education for the generations of today and tomorrow”, shared painter and AIF co-founder Vu Hong Nguyen. This dream has become a reality.

The public enjoys free entry to AIF 2019 which remains open until 15 October 2020.

AIF is an annual project at the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort funded by the Flamingo Group. Launched in 2015, the project’s goal is to make contemporary arts more accessible to the public, thereby making Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, one of the “Top 10 Hotels and Resorts worldwide”, become a venue for art and love, where mind and soul come together to sing life’s praises. The attention and appreciation that the public has given to AIF in the past years are evidence of the project’s artistic appeal and the result of the long-term dedication and tireless efforts of the Flamingo Group, a true friend of the arts.


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