Creativity Challenge 2022 Showcase in Hanoi

Creativity Challenge 2022 Showcase in Hanoi

07 – 13 Nov 2022, 09 am – 08 pm
Complex 01
No. 29 Lane 31 Alley 167 Tay Son Street, Quang Trung Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi

From Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design:

Creativity Challenge 2022 Showcase in Hanoi exhibits 04 artworks/art space by 04 Creative Pairs from the Creativity Challenge Playground 2022. The 04 artworks/art space present in the Hanoi showcase are:

1. “Thật Hư” by designer Linh Trịnh and artist Trần Thảo Miên

Recreating traditional techniques with modern designs, the two artists collaborated with artisans from the villages of Triều Khúc, as well as Hạ Thái – specialised in lacquer, and Đại Bái – specialised in bronze carving to research and create a conceptual installation: the pliant, graceful “Thật Hư” feather duster that overturn stereotypes on the role of women in the family, while also serving as a reminder about domestic violence.

2. “Than thở” by artist Trần Thảo Miên and architect Nguyễn Hà

The primary material of this project is coal – a matter represents darkness and mystery, at the same time fuels and destroys life on Earth. The pair wants to challenge themselves by creating a work of light by transforming coal – a dense, unpredictable fossil fuel into an airy, soft, transparent material that bear the opposing characteristics to tell the story of… “breathing” COAL (Than “Thở”)

3. “Sống” by The Sun Lab and Nguyễn Huyền Châu

Project “Sống” (Living) introduces a handicraft weaving kit with traditional materials that suit young people in major cities, who have little access to the essence and techniques of traditional crafts. The product is expected to become a solution that helps reduce stress, increase focus and encourage them to learn about traditional handicrafts. The pair also works on a online archive of weaving patterns for the public, with patterns and materials from craft villages in Vietnam.

4. “Crafting a Sonic City” by Officine Gặp and HUM

“Crafting a Sonic City” is a long-term cross-disciplinary project exploring the role of noise and sound in city development, intangible heritage and creation of identity. The project seeks to bring sonic qualities into play within the field of urban studies, bring together sonic practitioners and city-makers to develop new approaches to urban design methodologies and use sound and noise as tools to understand transformative processes in society and places.

This event is part of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022 is organised by RMIT University Vietnam in collaboration with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) and COLAB Vietnam and other partners in the creative industries, with Hanoi Grapevine as media partner.

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