”Sound + Music” – Contemporary experimental music series performance

”Sound + Music” – Contemporary experimental music series performance

Sun 19 Jan 2020, 7 pm – 8 pm
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)
B1-R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

From VCCAHanoi Grapevine

The cooperation in 2020 between Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) and Hanoi Grapevine – an important media channel on Vietnamese art and culture will bring a series of experimental music that are friendly to the audience. The name is “Sound + Music =?”.

The name is intended to evoke and lead the audience into the world of music / sound that artists participating in the series will create. “Sound” created tone from any musical instrument, props, electronic device or object. “Music” suggests methods, thinking, time and effort to create music from different sound materials. The “=” symbol indicates the channel of transmission – the form of music, emotion and enthusiasm, the passion for art and the desire to share and tell stories of the artist. The “?” is for the perception and recognition of the audience.

The expression does not seek for the only one real value, “Sound + Music = ?” Will be where each audience receives music in each person own way, listening and “seeing” the vibrations of the work passing through the ears, into the heart, into the brain, the imagination – in a very personal way, because each of us is a different and unique individual.

The artists participating in “Sound + Music = ?” are representative faces who are pursuing the discovery and creating their own new definitions of what is interesting music. What they do is new, different and experimental, more open than the way of making popular (or mainstream) music, so it will create conditions for the audience to explore and widen the boundaries of music.

Aiming to connect as well as increase understanding and empathy between artists and audiences, the series “Music + Music =?” Will combine performances and communicate, sharing, questions and answers about the process. Practicing, creative materials of artists, even creating opportunities for audiences to experience the creative process right within the performance of the show. The close organization, sincere and sincere way of talking will help both sides “touch” and feel each other as much as possible.

Introduction to the 1st session:
TOI? ^ / \. (Me, Dark, Bad, Guilty, Garlic / or Terminus)

The opening concert of the series “Sound + Music = ?” will have the participation of 4 young artists: Tuan Ni, Huong DonNa, Hoai Anh and Bui Vu Thanh Truc

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the show invites the audience to take a slow train to explore the “ME” tunnel, to listen to artist’s personal narrative through music, where each path, each station passing by will be a milestone, a story full of thoughts, self-questioning and the right / wrong decisions on life’s journey. Solo, duo and trio performances use the gourd, violin, flute, electronic devices and objects. After the train arrives at the “terminal”, the audience and artists will talk, share their feelings about the past journey as well as how the artists create music space.

The show is completely free, attendees only need to arrive on time and register in advance at this link

(* Note: The event is not suitable for children under 5 years old)

See you all in the first issue of “Sound + Music =?”.

About artist

Hương DonNa graduated from Music Pedagogy at Central University of Art and Education in 2013, graduated from Keyboard Jazz at Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Cultural Management at the University. Central Art Pedagogy in 2016. In 2012, she achieved outstanding results in scientific research at the Central University of Art and Education. On another hand, she also took courses at Firefly Center for Music and Experimental Art by Henrik Frisk, Stefan Ostersjo and artist Tran Kim Ngoc. Huong DonNa has participated in many experimental music projects and programs since 2013. In 2018, she has 2 solo performances “DonNa Doll” and “Baloon”. In 2019, she invented 2 musical instruments “Zeng Zay Zung”, “Dan Lon” and has 3 performance works “Freedom”, “Search”, “Life”. Also in 2019, she participated in residency projects “Learn about Royal Music” in Hue, “Solo Marathon 2019” in A Space, and “Blind Signal” exchange projects in Germany and Vietnam. Currently, she is a lecturer of the Music Education Department at the Central University of Art Education and an active artist participating in art programs in Hanoi. During her artistic practice, she always experimented with incorporating everyday objects in a very realistic way, combined with electronics and traditional instruments to tell her stories.

Hoài Anh come to music from an early age in a family of cultural and artistic traditions. She has been trained through professional music schools at home and abroad: traditional music, with zither, monochord, t’rung at Hanoi College of Arts and Culture; classical music with piano, harp at the National Academy of Music of Bordeaux (France), electroacoustic music at George Bizet Conservatory in Paris (France). Having performed in many European countries (France, Italy, Switzerland …), Hoai Anh always aspires to introduce international audiences with quintessential and unique features in Vietnamese traditional music. Under the guidance of a famous cultural and traditional music researcher, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe, she graduated from the Sorbonne School of Ethnology with a Master degree in Music Studies at the Sorbonne School, Paris, in 2009. specialize Hat Cheo; After that, she came back to Vietnam to work as a music reporter for 10 years. With a passion for music, she is always exploring, exchanging and constantly learning about various music styles and instruments in the world. For Hoai Anh, music is a pink string connecting all inspiration in life. Becoming a member of the Firefly Center for Music and Experimental Art helped her find a new way to express herself freely, expressing her thoughts and vibrations in front of nature, objects and people, thereby expressing their individuality, and shaping a strong personal artistic voice.

Tuấn Nị started working as an artist at the age of 14 with Funk and Hip hop music. He is also known as a breakdance and hip hop dancer. He started his major of Creative Writing at Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2017. Besides, he also took part in the Dom Dom Experimental Art and Music Center, guided by artist Tran Kim Ngoc. Some of the works he composed and choreographed: “No hope” for Violin, Piano; “Chanting” for Violin, Cello, Piano. Programs that Tuan Ni has participated in: Hanoi New Music Festival 2018, Limitation – Improvisational performance, music and dance; Anewhaii session # 02 Hanoi; Berlin – Hanoi Workshop.

Bùi Vũ Thanh Trúc Despite being well-trained in classical music, Thanh Truc is also interested, interested in practicing experimental music and has begun collaborating on  contemporary contemporary projects and works. She has performed in several of art programs in Vietnam, including The EDM Orchestra …

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