Exhibition: Ordinary Life

Exhibition: Ordinary Life

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18 Feb – 12 Mar
Craig Thomas Gallery
27(i) Trần Nhật Duật, Tân Định, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City

From the organizer

Many people who first time saw Le Thuy’s paintings will express the feeling of confusion and admiration and confusion when encountering her paintings. At first glance, the picture is very beautiful fairy-tale style, but when looking closer, it is a bit scary. Silk paintings express the intense natural love of the artist, as well as the regret for what has been lost in the natural world as the human race continues. Thuy brings small and ongoing events in the natural world into her paintings and presents them in the form of the law of struggle for survival.

“All creatures are created equal. But are humans truly equal to all species on earth? Breaking mountains, filling rivers, destroying habitats, exterminating all species. Selfishness and greed are making people lonely.

The works in the series on Ordinary Life are probably my regrets for what we have felt about nature in the past. There are so many evidences about literature, poetry, architecture and fine art that record the grandeur of nature and people who rely on nature. Now we have nothing but the dusty atmosphere, the ugly skyscrapers, the arid fields, the kind of disease … Nature is beautiful. But people make it pitiful. And it will be pitiful for humans if we only know the beauty of nature through images recorded in the past. ”

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