Made in Vietnam 2022: PARTNERING

Made in Vietnam 2022: PARTNERING

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27 & 28 Aug 20222
Hanoi: ProG Academy
505 Minh Khai, Vĩnh Phú Ward, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh: Dance School
155 Bis Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC
Registration link
Deadline for application: Fri 26 Aug 2022, 08 pm

From the organizer:

What is ‘Made in Vietnam’?

“Made in Vietnam” is a community connecting projects created by the 1648kilomet organization. Cooperating with seven choreographers/ dancers with many years of European experience, the project takes the form of a series of contemporary dance workshops held annually.

With the mission of applying dance art to daily life and closing the gap between professionals and those who love dance, “Made in Vietnam” aims to create a space that mimics a theater’s rehearsal. Our experienced choreographers/dancers will become energetic coordinators offering bite-size instructions. Thus, the participants will be able to learn techniques to develop observational thinking and flexibly apply materials from life to artistic creation.

Made in Vietnam 2022 brings together five prominent faces in the field of contemporary dance: Bui Ngoc Quan – Pham Tri Thanh – Ta Hong Hoang Anh (Hanoi), Vu Ngoc Khai – Hoang Ngoc Tu (Saigon). Towards the intersection between art and life, through adopting movement to express emotions, each of our artists will offer their own exciting and profound points of view in the role of coordinators.

Why ‘Partnering’?

For us, ‘Partnering’ means a close bond between an invisible contemplation in daily life and a visible expression in the form of dance performance. By putting this in a social context, we can see it as a magical resonance guiding us towards better values.
Next, considering the isolation during the pandemic outbreak, we can realize the importance of ‘Partnering’ – companionship in the post-modern world. Can a person be able to accompany someone else when they can’t even be friends with themselves? What factors make each person a reliable companion in art and life? “Made in Vietnam” will assist you in finding the answer!

What goals do we want participants to achieve after the workshops?

Participating in a series of contemporary dance workshops with 1648kilomet, you will achieve two goals: developing your career and broadening your outlook.

Made in Vietnam 2022 promises to be a professional playground filled with art and emotions, thus emphasizing the connection between humans.

August 27: For those who have worked/ are working professionally in the dance industry.
August 28: For dance enthusiasts who practice regularly.

How to register:
Step 1: Register via the link form.
Step 2: Pay tuition fees and send bills.
Step 3: Receive a confirmation email (successfully registered).

Follow updates on event’s page.


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