Exhibition: The Shade of Heritage

Exhibition: The Shade of Heritage

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Oil painting “The Countryside” – Dương Tuấn.

Opening: 05 pm, 22 May 2020
Exhibition: 22 – 26 May 2020
Exhibition Centre of Fine Art and Photography
29 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

From the organizer:

After the success of exhibitions such as “Golden Rice Look”, “The breath of Sea” the artists of 33A group continue to implement their art activities plan with the project “The Shade of Heritage”. This is a “long-term” project of 33A artists with tangible and intangible heritages throughout the country. The first destination is Cựu Village – Van Tu Commune – Phu Xuyen – Hanoi – An ancient village with a life of over 500 years with villas mixed between ancient Vietnamese architecture and unique and distinctive French architecture.

We believe that the legacy of our ancestor from many generations is always respectable and in need of conservation, however – in the field of painting, those legacies will be the materials for artists to create their own. new product. The difficulty and challenge for artists is that with the same materials, you have to bring in the contemporary breath of a new mindset, without distorting or losing the spirit of traditional values. , otherwise – you will always be stereotyped in the ways of painting, visualization that have been around for decades, and you will only be a shadow of your previous artists. Besides the new and the contemporary, the artist still has to “present” the styles and characteristics that have made his name, so that he is still himself.

Through the exhibition, 33A artists want to send the message to the public: “The Shade of Heritage” probably are only physical and intangible remnants of a period, a cultural region that has been forgotten, faded, or still the flow of a long-lasting cultural value, like the groundwater that permeates each of us?

The exhibition includes more than 50 works of 9 artists (Duong Tuan, Bui Van Tuat, Chu Viet Cuong, Minh Dong, Can Manh Tuong, Dat Phu, Tuan Dat, Nguyen The Long and Nguyen Minh (Pho)

Exhibition’s space


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