SoloMarathon2020 – Open Studio 03: Amanda Reid

SoloMarathon2020 – Open Studio 03: Amanda Reid

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26 – 29 Sep 2020, 02 pm – 09 pm
Á Space
Lane 59 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hà Nội.

From the organizer:

Legends of my grandfather
(an experimental documentary film screening)

Amanda Reid
*Open Party to public on Saturday, September 26 from 06:30pm til late

Artist Statement:

“My documentary on my grandfather, Hoàng Vĩnh Tiến, is experimental in nature; it is an experiment in how well I can tell a story from ‘the other side’ (the side of the living and the side of an American identity). By looking at my relationship to Ông Tiến’s memory, I find some connection to a hidden, mythical Vietnam. Using my interviews with those who knew him (my mother, my uncle, and extended family members), I created a single narrative from varied accounts that made up the ‘history of a person’ – regardless of whether or not I choose to accept this history as truth.

The stories of Ông Tiến showcased the many roles he played: a dreamer in love with beauty, a disciplinarian who sought perfection, and a genius out of place in his time. Though social and economic conditions have changed since his passing, the conditions of life itself somehow remain as trying and volatile. The foundations of this documentary, its voices interlinked with images of myself, show that our grief (both past and present) and our memories (intact or crumbling) can be shared, re-interpreted and re-imagined.

The screening hopes to give audiences a quiet space to sit and listen in the way they would have done as children listening to stories of fantasy worlds.”

About the artist:

Amanda Reid is an itinerant multimedia artist working primarily with video, photography and printmaking. In her past work, she has incorporated these mediums in the form of installations. Her work deals with her interpersonal relationships to her heritage, mixed race identity and the connections between tradition and modernity.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree studying English, Fine Arts, and Cinema. Raised in Saigon, she lived in Philadelphia for five years before coming back to Vietnam. She is inspired by ideas of time travel, ghosts, and mundanity, and wishes she understand people better

Previous works:
– Passage Of, 2019, University of Pennsylvania, Addams Gallery
(installation with screen-printed votive papers nailed across trees)
– Of Edges, 2018, West Philadelphia
(installation with hand-stitched vintage fabric, broken glass, broken clock)
– “Dividing Spaces”, 2017, At Attic, Philadelphia
(video essay, 18 mins)

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