Workshop IV: Intro to New Media Arts

Workshop IV: Intro to New Media Arts

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Saturday 26 Sep 2020, 03 pm – 05 pm
Toong Vista Verde
1st floor, No 2 Phan Van Dang street, Thanh My Loi ward, D2, HCMC
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From the organizer:

An intro to an exciting journey

What is new media arts? Where can I start? And is it truly a real art practice?

Let’s join us Saturday 26th September to learn more about the exciting journey and make your very first moving images by Touchdesigner, a node based visual programming language for visual thinkers.

Part 1: 3 pm – 4 pm: Presentation about New Media Arts 101 – Discussion / Q&A
Part 2: 4 pm – 5 pm: Touchdesigner 101 workshop – make a simple but appealing visual in less than 30 minutes.

To make it possible, please download the software and install Touchdesigner in advance. No worries, your Macbook can handle this and it’s freeee!

About Á Space Virtual

After 2 years of supporting and developing the artistic practices of young and emerging artists in Vietnam from its base in Hanoi, Á Space is now embracing an extra virtual home, by building an innovative community for digital artists, where they can connect, exchange knowledge and skills, and collaborate into the future.

About Jo Ngo
Jo or Ngô Kỳ Duyên is a Saigonese visual artist whose work is associated with moving images, virtual reality, augmented reality, new media and conceptual art. Jo wants to use art with cutting-edge technology and a strong message for the next step to post-human world. With the media and design background, she aims to reach more audiences in a stronger narrative form about social justice and sustainability matters with high-tech support and advocate for the creative community to go beyond the traditional mediums.
Previous exhibitions:
– 2020 July, aquatic greenery, solo exhibition, A space experimental, Hanoi, Vietnam
– 2020 January, You can talk to me, group exhibition, Exhibition Center, Hanoi, Vietnam
– 2019 September, 1723, collaboration with painter Lan Anh, VR/AR + Painting Exhibition, Salon Saigon, Vietnam

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