Finale “Battle” of VFCD 2021 Graphic Design Contest: Presentation Round

Finale “Battle” of VFCD 2021 Graphic Design Contest: Presentation Round

Sat 31 July 2021, 08:30 am
Online via Zoom

From Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design:

VFCD 2021 organizers invite you to join us in this exciting live “battle”: the Final Round of VFCD 2021 Graphic Design Contest. In this round, the excellent top 05 contestants will have 15 mins to pitch their ideas and participate in another 15 mins for direct Q&A with the eminent contest jury.

All contestants have come up with unique and convincing ideas and designs that address the contest topic. Let’s watch and cheer them on as they speed up to the finish line! Watch how they present and complete their entry for the contest. Choose a “champion” of your own. The organizers would be delighted to see your comments.

Top 5 contestants are:
– VAN HOA group (Phạm Đăng Thanh Thảo, Dương Minh Đức, Trần Ngọc Dương)
– Nguyễn Ngọc Thư
– Ngô Nguyễn Thúy Anh
– Nguyễn Hoàng Mạnh Khang
– Ngô Quang Trung

The contest jury consists of:
– Professor Julia Gaimster – Dean, School of Communication & Design, RMIT Vietnam
– Mr. Giang Nguyễn – Creative Director, Behalf Studio
– Ms. Trương Uyên Ly – Director, Hanoi Grapevine
– Mr. Thanh Bùi – Founder, COLAB Vietnam
– Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà – Director, VICAS Art Studio, Vietnam National Institute of Culture & Arts Studies
– Ms. Phạm Thị Thanh Hường – Head of Culture Program, UNESCO Vietnam

*Note: The pitching round will be recorded and uploaded to VFCD Youtube channel later.

About VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise

The first graphic design contest for Vietnamese youth hosted by Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 started from 14th June 2021 to 3rd August 2021. The submission deadline is 18th July 2021. The contest challenges young people aged 18 to 30 to define and express a strong presence for VFCD 2021 with the theme “Creative Future”.

The winning contestant/group will receive a cash prize of 25,000,000 VND (25 million dong), a certificate with the head of the Festival organizers; be presented as the “Creative Partner” of VFCD 2021; and be invited as a speaker for a public talk on their design idea for VFCD 2021.

About Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021

Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 (VFCD 2021) initiated by RMIT University Vietnam creates an open, timely and interactive platform for creative individuals and organisations to engage with thousands of audiences online and in-person.

Under the theme Creative Future, the main program of VFCD 2021 taking place in November 2021 will include cultural heritage exploration tours, talks/seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and various online activities discussing the vision, trends, cultural identity and future opportunities for Vietnam’s creative industries.

The event is a part of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2020, organised by RMIT University Vietnam in collaboration with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) and COLAB Vietnam and other partners in the creative industries, with Hanoi Grapevine as media partner.

Follow updates on event’s page.

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