Exhibition: Ruc Ra Ruc Dich

Exhibition: Ruc Ra Ruc Dich

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18 May – 16 July 2020
11 venues in Hanoi and Saigon

From the organizer

What can a face mask reveal to us about our being? Can the blood of cattle in slaughterhouses be used as painting colors? How does an empty globe stand portray our existential situation?

A response to a world in turmoil, Ruc Ra Ruc Dich exhibition establishes a multi-dimensional platform which invites you to self-explore and self-create your own narration,

This is the first pop-up exhibition series which is organized and circulated among 11 GốcLab’s venues in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition gathers around 60 artworks across nearly 10 art forms, contributed by more than 40 artists based in Vietnam and other countries, including some respected figures such as Uu Dam Tran Nguyen, Nguyen Van Du, Ha Huy Muoi and also aspiring ones such as Alectruha, Ngo Ky Duyen and Pham Anh Ngoc, etc. and many more art enthusiasts.

Whispering the loss of nature
Satirizing on the boisterous life of modern city dwellers
Amplifying the conflict between human and environment
Portraying the sorrowful isolation during lockdown
Unfolding peace, rebirth, and evolution

Ruc Ra Ruc Dich will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, but on the top of that, we hope that the exhibition will arouse a multifaceted perspective on the current state of human existence and help you steel yourself for the new normal.

A concept by GốcCreation
Organized by Toong

GốcLab is the next-generation model of exhibition space, extending on a network of small and mini spaces installed at multiple high-traffic public venues. Constantly presenting contemporary artworks of auspicious young artists to mass audiences, Gốclab aspires to proactively bring thought-provoking art experiences to more mainstream contexts with diversified audience groups, naturally immerse people in the world of aesthetics, foster each person to venture beyond boundaries and create new, meaningful values.

Toong is a comprehensive work environment developer that creates wholesome workspace solutions for a thriving community of progressive intellectuals and businesses of all scales and across diverse domains. At Toong, the work environment is a subtle combination of architecture, culture, ecology, art, technology and the community. Each single element is scrupulously designed to envision an elevated work experience that fosters each individual to constantly evolve, thereby, driving a momentum for their businesses and the society to develop.

GốcCreation is a consulting firm specialized in creating next-gen service models: from workspaces, accommodation, FnB, retail, to public space, art space, movie-making, and even involving the combination of two or more disciplines. GốcCreation aims at establishing distinctive brands and immersive experiences that can profoundly transform the way people live, contribute values to society while achieving financial goals.

More than 70 artworks grouped into 3 modules entitled Cracked – Rife – Sow
Exhibited across 11 Toong locations while rotating among the venues
Ruc Ra Ruc Dich is formed like a saga with multiple narratives, which is open to any interpretation.

Let’s take a look at our schedule for the first 3 weeks. And don’t forget that the artworks will be exchanged between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city for you to make the most out of this immersive experience.

You may miss the date with your crush, but the date with art is worth to be reminded. Leave a note on your calendar!

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